What is virus and types of virus?

Viruses virusesare the smallest causative agents of different infectious sicknesses. It is the most primitive form of life stood on the border among the alive and nonliving nature. Viral infections are the big group of illnesses when their reason is a virus. They present theirselves the passed form between the living and inanimate matter. Viruses have their own genetic material but they don’t have any own cells. So the virus is only an intracellular parasite.

In dependence of genetic material the virus list includes

  • DNA-containing viruses. The genome consists of unispiral or double-helical DNA. They are adenovirus (catarrhal sicknesses, adenoviral infection), herpes-virus (herpes, shingles, chickenpox), papilloma-virus (human papillomatosis), hepadnavirus (viral hepatitis B);
  • RNA-containing viruses. Only some views of viruses have the RNA as a genetic material such as orthomyxovirus (flu), flavivirus (viral hepatitis C), retrovirus (HIV AIDS) and poliovirus (poliomyelitis).

Vital activity of viruses

Viral particle isn’t generally capable to propagate individually. For this process it is necessary some cells of organism-host. Viruses don’t have their own metabolism. So the albuminous cover of the viral particle is mostly fastened to the membrane of the foreign cell. Most of all this cells has its own view for every type of viruses. For example, virus of influenza chiefly prefers to fasten to the epithelium of the mucous membranes (especially trachea), virus of simple herpes mainly fastens to the nervous tissue and HIV (human virus of immunodeficiency) chiefly attaches to some immune cells. The most well-known viral infection and contagions are influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, different herpetic contagions, HIV-infections, measles, rubella or German measles, parotiditis (“mumps”), smallpox, hemorrhagic fever, tick-borne encephalitis, poliomyelitis, viral hepatitis and various others. The most famous bacterial infections include tuberculosis, typhus and typhoid fever, many intestinal contagions, plague, cholera, anthrax,diphtheria,pertussis or whooping cough, tetanus, leprosy (Hansen's disease), syphilis, gonorrhea,several purulent infections and different others. There are also several inflammatory sicknesses such as pneumonia or meningitis which can be mostly called as by different viruses as by bacteria. The flowing of one or another illness and the necessary medical cure depends on the view of causative agent. 

Viruses “working”

The virus “brings in” virusesits genetic material into the cell-host mostly fastened to the cellular membrane. There the viral DNA or RNA “propagates” with some helping of the “host” ferment systems and on its matrix the cell chiefly begins to synthesize different viral proteins. It is also happened the integration of new viral particles and their disengagement by the way of cell-host’s destruction from the nucleic acids and proteins. The “newborn” viruses generally strike all new and new cells called the sicknesses’ progressing. They are also appropriated into the surrounding area chiefly infected the new “hosts”. The virus removalinto a human organism can be realized mostly with help of person’s breathing passages.

Virus treatment

The high temperature is a protective reaction of the individual’s organism on the infections invasion. It is the most widely-spread symptom of the viral sickness beginning. The highest temperature brings the system of immunity in full “fighting regime”. In this case it is sharply enlarged the activity of leukocytes which generally become “angrier”, “more aggressive” and they mostly absorb bigger number of the bacteria. In first case the clinical symptoms allow to suspect one or another viral infection. For viruses verification in laboratories it is mainly used some methods of diagnostics such as virusological method, serological way and so on. To day the last one is the most broadly-spread and also asked-for method because it allows defining if the virus in latent condition or it is in stage of replication. This way lets to prescribe different antiviral preparations such as (Combivir, Acivir Cream, Stavudine, Nevirapine, Ribavirin, Truvada, Podofilox, Didanosine, Atripla, Sustiva and many others) and also different anti-inflammatory medications including (Lotemax, Diprolene, Colcrys, Aristocort, Pentasa, Dexone, Azulfidine, Ilosone, and Colcrys) rightly. The complication of the medical cure mainly consists in that some viruses are the intracellular parasites. The significant role in elimination (the fullest destruction) of the virus in person’s organism belongs to the cellular link of the immunity. In dependence of view application the treatment can be divided into

  • Ethiotropic therapy. virusesIt is directed on the destruction of viruses inward the cells. It is chiefly applied some medical agents which mainly block the replication of virus (Darunavir, Retrovir, Epivir, Ritomune (Ritonavir), Combivir, Atazanavir,and others).
  • Immunomodulating treating. It is chiefly used with a goal of organism’s immunity strengthening, for destruction of the virus together with some infected cells (Azathioprine, Adefovir, Arava, CellCept, Florinef, Prograf, Dexamethasone, Motilium,and so on);
  • The treatment by some antibiotics (Zithromax, Noroxin, Cipro, Vancomycin, Bactrim, Griseofulvin, Amoxicillin, Tetracycline, Augmentin, Amoxil, Cephalexin, Amikacin, Erythromycin, Keflex, Ofloxacin, Vibramycin, Zyvoxand many others);
  • Vitamins and natural supplements are mostly taken as an additional therapy for main cure (Amalaki, Chyavanaprasha, Astymin-M Forte, Guduchi, Riconia, Spirulina Capsules, Zincovit, Vitamin Cand different others). 

Prevention of viral infections

The viral infections’ preventive measures can be such specific as nonspecific ones. The specific preventing is realized with helping of vaccination with an aim of immunity developing against the defined virus. Nonspecific prevention is mostly directed on the strengthening of patient’s immunity at whole but not only single virus (the regime of rest, right eating, plant preparations and vitamins). Taken into account some properties if pathogenesis and treatment if different viral infections on the first plan it is followed their prevention especially under the HIV AIDS and viral hepatitis. Also for preventing of the viral contagions you can use the new medical products such as Anti-Bacterial Face Maskand also Anti Flu Face Mask.