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by Michael Collin

The sickness of sinusitis doesn’t come on its own account. Usually it is caused by chill or allergy. And what are the main symptoms of sinusitis (or nasal sinus infection symptoms)? And when is it followed o begin the chronic sinusitis treatment? And how is it needed to conduct the medical cure of this illness? You can read all answers in this article.

Sinusitis symptoms

Sinusitis is an inflammation generally appeared in air emptinesses in our skull which are chiefly called as sinuses. Usually the inflammation is started in the wedge-shaped sinus which is between the patient’s eyes. The reasons of sinusitis can be presented in view of different bacteria, viruses and fungi. If you don’t conduct the sinus infection treatment it can provoke different problems with vision, some aural infections and even meningitis – the inflammation of the brain’s covers. The most broadly-spread symptoms of sinusitis are stuffiness in nose, formations in the nasal sinuses and in the back side of throat with yellow or green mucus. Also the general symptoms are painfulness of eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead. Some symptoms as unpleasant offensive breath, several disturbances of olfaction, high temperature, pains in throat and general tiredness are met rarely. But certainly the sick individuals with sinusitis have a powerful cough especially at night. One of this sickness’s dangers consists in meningitis development. The viruses and bacteria mostly called this illness can present the danger for the patient’s whole organism.

Sinusitis remedies

The sinusitis treatment is begun with applying of medications without a prescription which are chiefly sold in form of tablets or in view of nasal sprays. The last ones (Nasonex, Rhinocort, Astelin and many others) provide quicker reduction of sinusitis symptoms but they cannot be taken more than three days. On the expiry of this period they lose their effectiveness and in more prolonged period they can be a reason of stuffiness in nose. The nasal infection can be also treated with helping of antihistaminic preparations (Phenergan, Clarinex, Periactin, Optivar, Claritin, Benadryl, Allegra and so on) which kill the allergens and prevent the development of this disease’s allergic symptoms. These medicaments block the action of histamine and it is quickly dried the nasal sinuses. But these medical agents are followed to use only under the sinusitis treatment called by allergy or some allergic sicknesses (rhinitis, and others). These preparations can interact with other medicamental remedies manifested some unpleasant effects. Also under the treating of these sicknesses the patients can take different antibiotics for sinus infection such as macrolides (Erythromycin, Rulide, Zithromax, Biaxin, and different others) cephalosporins (Cefadroxil, Suprax, Omnicef, Cefaclor, Vantin, Cephalexin, Cefotaxime, Ceclor, Ceftin, and several others). Also patients can apply sinusitis antibiotics from the penicillins’ row such as (Amoxil, Griseofulvin, Augmentin, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin and many others) if the person doesn’t have the heightened perceptibility to this class of medicamental preparations.

Acute sinusitis

Sinusitis is often called by the chill or some other viruses damaged the upper breathing passages. Rarely the reason of this illness is some actions of bacteria. In majority of cases people don’t direct to the physicians under the beginning of sinusitis’s symptoms and they treat this disease with helping of the remedies from domestic medicine. But sometimes it is needed the physician’s help or antibiotics applying. In such cases we say about acute sinusitis. The border between the symptoms of acute bacterial sinusitis and usual one is taken in dependence of the symptoms’ intensity. Notably the symptoms of acute sinusitis repeat the symptoms of usual illness but they are manifested sharper. Acute sickness is stuffiness in nose and runoff of yellow or green mucus from the nasopharynx. But under the negative state it is more often appeared the damages of olfaction. The usual symptoms of the sharpest sinusitis are feverwith lower temperature, tiredness and irritation, pains in all body, painful sensation of pressure in area of forehead and around the eyes, some aches in ears and many others.

Chronic sinusitis

The sickness is chronic one if the symptoms are kept during eight weeks and more and also in such cases when the symptoms are repeated frequently. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are similar like the acute illness’s signs. At first it is a powerful pain in area of face and head. The position of pain’s foci can vary in dependence of what sinuses are inflammatory ones. For example, the inflammation of maxillary sinuses calls the pain under the eyes and on the cheeks; frontal sinusitis (the inflammation of frontal sinus’s mucous cover) usually calls some pains in area of forehead which are mostly accompanied by headache. One of the most broadly-spread symptoms of chronic illness is stuffiness in nose.

The treatment and preventive measures of sinusitis in domestic conditions

The medical cure of sinusitis in domestic conditions is usually started for the nose washing out. For this procedure is often used the teapot “be missing”, plastic bottle-pulverizer or on bad end the usual rubber syringe with enough thin point. The solution for nose washing out is the quarter of tablespoon with salt diluted in warm water. The other way of treatment of sinusitis in home conditions is steam inhalation. It moistens the sinuses. You can inhale the aromatic vapor used the eucalyptus, menthol or fragrant grassy leaves. Some of such compositions can especially calm the mucous membranes of nasal passage. Together with these methods of sinusitis treating you need to drink big quantity of liquid. It is followed to avoid the applying of caffeine and alcohol which are the main reasons of dehydration effect.