What do you know about rhinitis and its symptoms?

Rhinitis is ​inflammation of the nose’s mucous membrane. It is one of the most widely-spread illnesses, which seems harmless at first, but patient may have complications after rhinitis (such as otitis media, bronchial asthma, maxillitis, sinusitis and others). The human mucous membrane of nose and pharynx is fundamental barrier, which defends organism from the environment influence. Therefore the rhinitis development may be beginning of the chronical allergy and different allergic diseases. In more cases rhinitis is one of the various symptoms of basic illness (such as influenzapneumoniabronchitisallergy and so on), which have viral, bacterial or immunity reasons of appearance as a rule. Sickness is subdivided into acute and chronic rhinitis.

Which kinds of rhinitis are?

There are some kinds of rhinitis occurring more often in clinical practice:

  • Atopic rhinitis;
  • Atrophic rhinitis;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Catarrhal rhinitis;
  • Medicamental rhinitis;
  • Infectious rhinitis.

Nasal allergies have special place among others rhinitis. If allergic rhinitis are appearing during period of flawing plants (pollen is an allergen), then this kind of disease is called seasonal allergy (hay fever). In addition, perennial allergic rhinitis is occurring during year, it can develop as reaction by food, wool, dust and so on. It is necessary to know, that allergic rhinitis is local manifestation of all organism’s disease. That it is why very important to start allergic rhinitis treatment as soon as possible.

Why does rhinitis appear?

Viral infections (more than 200 types), general immune system’s weakening, frequent supercooling of organism, allergens (such as dust, food, pollen and so on), seasonal avitaminosis, ecologic conditions are the most diffused reasons of rhinitis appearance. Al so style of life, propensity for allergy and hereditary diseases are not the least of the factors of illness genesis.

Allergic rhinitis symptoms

Nasal allergies depend of type and phase of disease, and it may be various as dry irritation of nose, so passage of mucous and purulent with bloody streaks. There are head aces, fast fatigability and reduction of sleep quality (sometimes with snoring) with chronic rhinitis. Hay fever symptoms are generally accompanied with abundant discharging of watery snivels, heavy nose breathing, sneezing and various others. In addition, itching, burning and pricking in nose can disturb. The patients always scratch tip of nose.

Allergic rhinitis treatment

Each kind of rhinitis needs an individual cure. First of all it is necessary to go to the doctor, which can prescribe the correct treatment. All medications (sprays, drops, pills, capsules and other medicaments) for allergic rhinitis treatment are used such as symptomatic means, alleviating of allergic manifestation, but they can’t change allergen response of organism. There are several drugs to hay fever relief. With easy sickness form it is enough to use antihistamines such as (Allegra, Clarinex,Claritin,Optivar,Astelin,Zyrtec,Periactin and so on). These modern drugs have prolonged action and take off allergic rhinitis symptoms efficiently in twenty minutes after intake. Corticosteroid and glucocorticoid preparations like (Nasonex,Rhinocort,Sterapred,and different others) are prescribed by physician only, with hard form sickness and if antihistamines don’t give necessary effect. If these medicines are used, then drug withdrawal has to be gradual. It is impossible to stop applying of harmonic preparations sharply, because it may appear withdrawal syndrome. In the middle and hard phase of disease the therapy may be supplemented with medicine antagonist` leukotrienes (Zyrtec,Xyzal,Singulair,Phenergan,Periactin,Relent,Haridra,Claritin and many others). Abuse of vasoconstrictive drops is intolerable for treatment fever with allergies. These drugs may be applied for lowering of nasopharynx edema, reduction of mucus discharge, but no more than 5 days or in very rare cases.  Vasoconstrictive preparations don’t cure allergic rhinitis, they alleviate breathing only. Unfortunately there is no home remedy for nasal allergies treatment, because most of them consist of plants extract, which may contain allergens. It is possible to rinse nose of salt water only, for breathing relief.

Prevention of allergic rhinitis

Prevention of appearance allergic rhinitis consist in using vitamins (Zincovit, Supradyn, Vitamin Cand several others) and general health-improving preparations (Prednisone, Cold Balm, Kof Teaand others), eliminating contacts with allergens, timely cure of pathology of nose and nasopharynx (nasal septum deviation, chronic rhinitis, adenoids, etc.).