What does it mean pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an acute and chronic infectious pneumonia​inflammatory process, which develops in lung and provokes syndrome of the respiratory disorders. People of different ages can suffer from this sickness. Pneumonia is categorized like severe disease of the breathing system and can be lethal and there are also several types of pneumonia. Often this illness is implied from acute bronchitis. Only doctor can save your life by operative diagnostic and medical treatment.

 Do you know the reasons of pneumonia developing?

The causative agents of pneumonia can be presented in view of various kinds of fungi, viruses, bacteria and others. Also one of the factors is aftereffects of different customs and chronic diseases. Pneumonia can be started during therapy from others illnesses when human immunity is very weak. The sickness can appear by allergic background including bronchial asthma and the strongestcough.

Which symptoms and diagnostics are?

Pneumonia appears like many others diseases with high temperature, weakness and different kinds of cough. But also the signs of pneumonia can be absent. If the common antipyretics like (Bayer ASA Aspirin, Naprosynand so on) render temporary effect, even traditional medicine which is used from your chronic illnesses doesn`t help during for some days, call a doctor immediately. There are two kinds of the pneumonia: croupous one and bronchopneumonia. The sickness can involve as one part of a lung so both. It is possible to diagnose pneumonia correct only in a hospital by tests and radiograph and then the physician must allocate the right pneumonia treatment.

The beginning of the pharmacological therapy

After all need tests, the physician must prescribe the necessary cure and describe how to treat pneumonia rightly. The basic preparations of the therapy are antibiotics. In hard forms different drugs for injection are used (Amikacin, Gentamicin, Meronem IV), when crisis is gone the doctor can recommend pills such as (Amoxicillin, Amoxil, Ampicillin, Bactrim, Ceclor CD, Ciplox-TZ, Levaquin, Rulide, Erythromycin and different others), which are administered for each patient individually. The various kinds of antibiotics are applied for different pneumonia`s type. NSAIDs with anti-fever activity (Motrin, Mobic, Toradol and several others) are generally employed for stabilization the condition only when the temperature is very high. It is necessary to drink a lot of water. If the patient has persistent cough, then he/she can apply medicants with the expectoration effect or some antibiotics for pneumonia (Noroxin, Ofloxacin, Seromycin and others). Inhalations by mineral water or 2% household soda`s solution can help too. Infusions with different plants, syrups and teas (Kof Tea, Aloe Vera Juice, and other ayurvedic preparations) are taken as complex therapy together with anti-inflammatory medicants. In case of need doctor prescribes antiallergic medications such as (Claritin, Benadryl, Haridra, Spiriva, Zyrtec and so on) and preparations called bronchodilators for example (Symbicort, Theophylline, Ventolin and many others).

The concomitant treatment for pneumonia

When the patient has high temperature he/she has to stay in the bad. Air pneumoniamust be fresh, cool and wet in apartment. Medical exercises and massage connect with the basic therapy after fever`s end only. The biologicals and vitamins such as (Becadexamin, Vitamin C, Bonnisan Drops) can be used as simultaneously so after the antibiotic`s treatment. The light diet prescribes if there is the stool`s problems.

The recommendations after recovery

The doctor continues to observe the patient for one year. If there is a suspicion of the chronic pneumonia`s developing, then X-ray examination is done. In recovering period it`s recommended to conduct the rehabilitation course by using oxygen cocktails, massage, therapeutic physical training and systematic airing and many home remedies for pneumonia. If relapse is happened, the physician carries out different kinds of tests to eliminate congenital and inherited illnesses, anomaly of the respiratory apparatus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sicknesses which can probably provoke the pneumonia. Also it is necessary to be treated by allergist, pulmonologist and immunologist.