Otitis Media

Many people want to know more about different illnesses and also their right medical cure. In this article we would like to tell you some information about otitis. It is inflammation of the ear. This sickness divides into otitis externa, labyrinthitis and otitis media. The last one happens more often, especially in childhood. First of all, middle ear infection arises because of hitting microbes in the ears, which involve mucous membrane, provoke mucous edema and pus not infrequently. Otitis media can be acute and chronic, catarrhal or purulent one.

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There is great number of the reasons predisposing to appearance of otitis:

  • Different diseases of nose (rhinitis), nasopharynx, paranasal sinus, provoking of the mucus edema and inflammation of the middle ear;
  • Influenza, measles and others difficult infectious sicknesses, weakening the human immunity.
  • Supercooling. Water hitting into the ear provokes otitis more often. It is happened with bathing and after visit the pool;
  • One of the most common means of cavity of middle ear infection is trauma (especially damage of the tympanic membrane).

The main symptoms of otitis media

Otitis begins with constant and nagging ear pain. The painful feelings increase in the evening and can be probably accompanied by headache, weakness and temperature`s rising to 40 C. Such inflammation of the ear perhaps may pass a few days, if ear infection treatment was started timely. The acutest catarrhal otitis can fast (during twenty-four hours) transform into purulent otitis media with darting pain. There are purulent discharges from the ear in this phase of the sickness, which show that tympanic membrane is pierced by pus escaping to aural canal, and pain calms down little by little. The purulent discharges are priority case.

It is very important to know.

Acute inflammation of the middle ear is needed in correctly treating, because otitis media may probably pass into chronic illness: there are changes (deformation, thinning) or even gap on tympanic membrane. The last one may be the reason of not only frequent inflammatory illnesses of middle ear and diminished hearing (up to the full deafness), but also temporal lobe abscess or meningitis. You need to remember that using of any ear drops for ear infection or ear drops for pain before visiting a doctor is very dangerously for patient’s health, because if tympanic membrane has broken than drops can get to cavity of middle ear and damage tympanic nerve or auditory ossicle.

Medicamental therapy of otitis media

Like any difficult disease, otitis media treatment starts from physician visiting and consulting with him and also finding out the reasons of the illness. After patient examination, doctor perhaps may decide to prescribe different ear drops in complex therapy together with various antibiotics (Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Zithromax, Cefixime Oral Suspension, Chloromycetin, Erythromycin, Vancomycin and many others) or if it is necessary the anti-fever and pain-relieving drugs (Aleve, Diclofenac, Panadol Extra, Zupar and so on). Also if the otitis is result of other allergic sickness (for example rhinitis or other chronic or seasonal allergic sicknesses), then physician may probably recommend antihistaminic preparations (Allegra, Astelin, Claritin, Phenerganand others) or corticosteroid (Rhinocort, Nasonex and different others) medicines. The most cases of otitis media are cured at home. The patient’s hospitalization is necessary only with suspicion on rough purulent complications (mastoiditis, meningitis and so on). There is difference between dose of ear infection remedies for adults and for children. Acute catarrhal otitis treatment can last for one week, and purulent one about two weeks. Necessity of using antibiotics for children otitis treatment is discussed by physicians many years, because there are bacteria`s high stability, provoking inflammation of the ear, to penicillin and similar preparations. That`s why many doctors have ability to use expectant management, limiting in using only by pain-relief and anti-fever medicaments.

What are preventive actions and home remedies for ear infection?

To prevent inflammation of the ear it is necessary to treat all chronic and acute diseases of nasopharynx, paranasal sinus timely, keep rules during swimming. There is information, that using of influenza and pneumococcus vaccines probably can bring down frequency and severity otitis media`s cases among children. If there are no any medicines, usual vodka or sterile oil (Vaseline, vegetable and so on) perhaps can be used as home remedy. All remedies, injecting into the ear, must be warm (about such a temperature of your body). It is better to roll up the piece of bandage, put it carefully into auditory passage and spill 2-4 drops of the 3% boric alcohol or spirit solution on it, and repeat it about two or three times a day. Also, warming up compress is applied for otitis treatment. But remember, if there is purulent discharge from the ear, all ear drops and compresses are contra-indicated.