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Weight loss is a negative condition meeting more widespread nowadays. This one can be flown into such disease as obesity. It is a widely-spread chronic sickness intimately tied together with diabetes mellitus the second type, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. The treatment of exceeding weight of patient’s body and obesity presents itself extraordinarily difficult task and it is also based on the applications such not medicamental methods (such as dietary therapy, intensification of physical overloading and so on) as medicamental treating (with helping of different gums, medicines and several others). In last years it is appeared several officinal preparations promoted reliably to bring down the body mass and prevent its growth. In any case weight loss pills must be taken in view of additional therapy to the main cure. Various pharmaceutical medications for obesity and overweight’s treatment which are presented today on the world medicamental market can be related to two groups such as medical remedies with the central action brought down the appetite or promoting to the quickest appearance of satiation sense and some medicaments with effects conditioned by diminishing of food’s component absorption.

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Phentermine is a medical preparation related to the class of stimulators possessed by those activity as amphetamine. This drug is used for treating of the obesity illness and patient's increasing body weight.