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One of the most widely-spread complaints on the person’s health and also one of the most “favourite” sicknesses by some people of the elderly ages is different problems with their arterial pressure. These pathologies are capable to various exchanges in general state, bad mood and other unpleasant problems. Blood pressure can be heightened or brought down some times during the whole day. But normal arterial pressure of different men is a strictly individual conception. Blood pressure is a general notion chiefly defined the power with which the blood suppresses on the blood vessels’ walls. It is mainly happened not only in arteries but in the veins and capillaries. But to measure the pressure without any special devices is possible only in the largest vessels disposed on the surface of body (in arteries). And nowadays many producers present different inventions and you can also buy blood pressure instruments at the lowest prices without any problems. Arterial pressure of every individual depends from various factors. One of the most broadly-spread of them is parson’s heart contraction (speed and power). Other reasons can be presented in view of how many blood can be pumped for one minute, blood properties and resistance of vessels’ walls. Also it is needed to pick up rightly different drugs for blood pressure according to your age, presence of some sicknesses and recommendations from your physician.

Image of Hydrochlorothiazide

Hydrochlorothiazide covers to the officinal group of medicaments which possess by expressing saluretic activity. These medicines are very effective one under the arterial hypertension, several cardiac insufficiencies mainly accompanied by some edemas and others.

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Lasix refers to the pharmacological group of quickly-operated diuretic remedies. This medication is taken for treating of edematous syndrome under the chronic kidneys’ insufficiency, edematous syndrome under the chronic cardiac failure and different others.