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by Michael Collin

Slumber disorder is worldwide problem of the humanity. Most people have different problems with sleep from time to time. Also it is well-known that women have sleep disorders more often than men. Slumber discomposure’s skipping can lead to health worsening, accidents, decreasing of the efficiency and stress immunity of the human. There are more than one hundred different anomalies and sleeping disturbances. The most diffused revelations of the sleep upsets are insomnia, snore, somniloquy and sleep apnea. The last one is the most dangerous sickness and sometimes it can be lethal.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is breath’s stopping more than ten seconds during lumber. It can be happened with different reasons. There are three kind of sleep apnea: central (irregular work of the brain, which can appear with craniocerebral trauma, atrophy some parts of the encephalon, genetic predisposition), obstructive one (a disorder patency of airways, which is generally accompanied with snore) and mixed state. Sleep apnea treatment is aimed at elimination aforesaid reasons provoking this illness with medical supervision only and without using any soporifics.

Insomnia is one the most often reasons of sleep decoder.

Let’s examine insomnia in this article. This illness is subdivided into three phases: dyskoimesis, derangement of maintaining sleep, earlier and final awaking. If you have insomnia, you are in large team. One out of every third American suffers from this sickness. If you want feel better, be healthy and implement your potential, then sleep is necessity but not luxury one. Neurology and psychiatry study the insomnia cures.

The reasons of insomnia.

There are a lot of reasons which can provoke the condition of insomnia. The most often of them are psychological problems, breaking of habitual regime, different kinds of diseases (ADHDAlzheimer’s sicknessParkinson’s illness) using psychotropic preparations, alcohol or even cup of coffee is drunk before sleeping, overeating in the evening by hard and fatty food especially. Also insomnia can appear after intensive intellectual work, noisy games, fascinating reading, smoking and overstraining. If human has deep depression, then he fall to sleep hardly or can’t do it. Waiting for bad dream and emotional experience associated with it, insufficient physical activity are the reasons of insomnia, too. Try to remember, when you are exciting, you have difficulties with sleeping. If insomnia is connected with any sickness, then the curing of them are the best means for good slumber.

The customs symptoms of insomnia

The typical symptoms of insomnia are difficulties with attention focusing, irritability or sleepiness during the day, slow reaction, problems with emotion control. If you fall asleep or get tied with driving, you have needs to take a nap almost each day or to use coffee, to support yourself, that it can be probably consequences of insomnia.

Which medicamental treatment is used with insomnia?

How to cure insomnia? This question is asked by many people. But the answer is not so simple. Don’t forget, that insomnia can be result or aftereffect of different sicknesses or medicines. It is necessary to visit a physician or other medical specialist and do all necessary tests. Each kind of the illnesses needs the individual curing. For example, in case of depression doctor can probably prescribe antidepressants such as (Asendin, Cymbalta, Elavil, Paxil CR, Remeron, Zoloft and so on) or anti-anxiety drugs like (Alert Caps, Buspar, SleepWell and several others), if insomnia connects with temporary or chronic pain, perhaps physician can recommend some pain relief remedies such as (Aceclofenac, Imitrex, Maxalt, Motrin, Pain Balmand different others) for each case individually. But the most famous and used preparations from insomnia are sleep aids like (Ambien (Zolpidem), Dormicum, Imovane(Zoplicone) and many others). Soporifics can help with your problems with sleeping by taking them in short period of time and with medical supervision, but somnifacient is temporary decision. People cannot be cured of insomnia by hypnotic drugs only.

The psychotherapy is inalienable part of the treatment.

Cognitive psychotherapy helps to control or eliminate negative thoughts and apprehensions disturbed sleeping, false or troubled conceptions about slumber. It is necessary to optimize relaxation`s regime. Other method is passive fall asleep, it is aimed at avoidance any efforts for sleeping. Stimulus-control therapy make it possible to move away factors and brain`s state rendering resistance for lumber. Uniting of psychotherapy’s several methods is more effective approach to insomnia treatment. Also it is possible to cure sleeping disorders by hypnosis.

Which kind of home remedies and techniques are?

Cup of worm milk or water with honey, infusions with different plants such as (mint, quinquelobate motherwort, sally-bloom, woodruff, melilot and so on) are natural sleep aids. Don’t forget about several necessary well-known rules: for 2-3 hour before falling asleep don’t use any fatty food, coffee, tea, alcohol drinking and others. Don’t do any hard physical or intellectual work, go to sleep in the same time each day, go for a walk before sleeping, have balmy or sea salt bath, bad has to be comfortable, create favourable and quiet conditions for your sleeping. Do these some techniques and all physician’s prescribing, and then probably you will wish yourself sweet dreams.