Hypotension as the negative state of cardiovascular system

Arterial pressure makes troubles for us not only when it rises, but also when there is too lowering blood pressure. And there are hypotensive patients not a bit less than hypertensive ones among us.  Hypotension is a state of patient’s organism, in which arterial pressure maximally lowers to limit perceptible by person. Blood pressure chat with such condition is individual one, but usually it is lower 100/60 mm Hg for male individuals, and 95/60 mm HG for female persons. Low blood pressure, unlike hypertension, doesn’t very harm to the cardiovascular system and heart’s working. For many people (such as highland, tropics residents and sportsmen), hypotension state is the normal blood pressure. In any case low blood pressure chat is not pathologic condition, till patient presents some problems. Arterial hypotension can be acute (usually accompanied with lowering of oxygen entering to the brain and functions decrease of vital part and needed in immediate medical assistance) and chronic (there is risk of ishemic stroke developing  for aged people and worsening of life’s quality for youth). Low blood pressure may be a reason of impotence, menstrual disorders and many other diseases and negative states of person’s organism, giving a lot of problems in our live. 

What causes low blood pressure?

There is a primary and second hypotension in clinical practice. In first case, the illness generally development reasons are still unknown. It is assumed, that inclination for hypotension is conditioned by heredity. Others factors can play specified part, too, for example, foods that lower blood pressure (such as spinach, low-fat milk and meat, citrus plants, salt limitation, mint, some berries and different others) or several diuretics and other medicines for hypertension treatment (like Hydrochlorothiazide, Atenolol, Benicar, Lasix and others). There are various people disposed to hypotension most of all:

  • Young, slim girls;
  • Women with malnutrition;
  • Youth in stage of organism’s fast growth;
  • Pregnant female individuals;
  • Thin, aged people.

The second hypotension is consequence of the other cause or sickness such as:

  • Cardiac disease (such as various heart defects and heart disease, impaired cardiac function and several others);
  • Metabolic derangements (for example, hypothyroidism, disease of adrenal glands and     hypophysis);  
  • Nervous system disorders (such as insomnia, depression,anxiety, and so on).
  • Lack of liquid, as a result of bleeding, diarrhea and scanty drinking of water;
  • Prolonged bed rest;
  • Different others.

Common symptoms and complaints with hypotension

Distinctive and sometimes basic manifestations of any kind of hypotension can be such sings as:

  • Giddiness, especially, when the patient gets up rapid from the bad (orthostatic form);
  • Vision derangement (shimmering and darkening in eyes);   
  • Beating headache;
  • Noise in ears;
  • Impairment of consciousness, up to swooning;
  • Palpitation (tachycardia);
  • Fever, excessive sweating;
  • Tiredness, weakness and concentration’s loss.

The patients with hypotension have got cold hands and feet very often, the headaches especially in area of temples and nausea state. Also, it is very important to know, that acute blood pressure’s lowering may be a symptom of internal bleeding and it might be needed urgent hospitalization.  

 Which are kinds of low blood pressure treatment? ​

The main therapy can be started only after identification the true reason of lowering arterial pressure, and if the doctor knows exactly: what is a normal blood pressure for concrete patient. The object of exposure with second symptomatic hypotension is fundamental sickness, provoking the lowering blood pressure. Arterial hypotension of neuron-vegetative genesis is needed in vegetative imbalance correction with employment complex of medicamental and non-drug therapies. The medicamentous low blood pressure treatment consists of usage medical preparations which can stabilize blood pressure (such as Lasuna, Serpina and so on), antidepressants (for example, Wellbutrin SR, Prozac, Luvox, Elavil, Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Remeron and different others) which may help to rise your tonus, various herbal supplements and vitamins (such as Ashwagandha, Cipcal, Guduchi, Pilex, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E, Neurobion Forte, Amalaki and many others) making stronger your blood vessels and all organism. As you know, it is necessary to have some consultations with a physician, before you begin applying of any medicaments.          

There are some general actions (for prevention also) which may help majority hypotensive patients:

  • Contrasting shower (interchange of cold and hot water);
  • Massage cervical area, aromatherapy massage;
  • Regular physical training (such as bicycle riding, airing, walking, gymnastic exercises, swimming and so on);
  • Rich with salt diverse nourishment;
  • Daily usage of liquid (about two- three liters), for example mineral water, grassy and fruit tea, juices.

Coffee and beverages based on green tea make blood circulation better and rise the arterial pressure. But it is necessary to remember, that they make short-term affect, deprive the organism of water.