What is normal blood pressure?

Hypertension is a sickness or a condition with high (or the highest) blood pressure. Such male individuals the same as the female persons can suffer from hypertension. This illness is the most diffused state of the patient’s cardiovascular system. The blood pressure chat till 130/85 is considered as normal blood pressure in any age. It can talk about hypertensia presence, if high blood pressure chat is more than 140/90. The sickness generally occurs very often with people older than forty years old. This disease can be one of the main reasons of disability and death, among people with cardiovascular system’s illnesses and several disarrays of the central nervous system.

There are some causes of high blood pressure.

The common factors, provoking hypertension developing, are:

  • Overweigh or especially obesity (even insignificant problems with weight can be the reason of heart and vessels disorders);
  • Regular psychic loadings, different stresses, anxiety, depression and many others;
  • Trauma of the brain (crash, fall, injuries, etc.);
  • Different illnesses rendering negative influence on cardiovascular system (nephritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, insomnia,apnea and so on);    
  • Hereditary susceptibility;
  • Various viral and infectious sicknesses (such as influenza, meningitis, antritis, pneumonia and different others);
  • Climacteric state of women older than 40 (hidden illnesses are progressing during essential reorganization of organism, provoking of hypertension developing.);
  • High cholesterol index, forming plaques on the blood vessel, preventing to normal blood circulation;
  • Bad habits (such as tobacco smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse (alcoholism), superfluous use of coffee);
  • Sharp adrenalin’s rise in blood;
  • Usage of a lot of salt, not mobile mode of life, rare airing;
  • Many others.

Common symptoms of high blood pressure

One of the first main high blood pressure symptoms is a powerful headache. Also the most frequent signs of hypertension are noise in ears, vertigo, general weakness, insomnia, feelings of gravity in the head and strong palpitation. Such symptoms may be in the beginning phase of the hypertensive sickness and have neurotic type. Cardiac decompensation can appear in the late illness’ stage by the reason of constant overstrain of the cardiac muscle from high arterial pressure. In case of this disease’s progressing, sight lowering, defeat of the brain’s vessels (cerebrovascular accident or thrombosis) can happen immediately. In addition, many patients have nasal bleeding, vomitive reflex, loss of memory, face reddening with any physical effort, edema and fast fatigability.

How to reduce blood pressure?

Many people, having problems with pressure for the first time, ask: ”How to lower blood pressure?” Firs of all, hypertension treatment begins from the visit to the doctor to found out the reason of this sickness. Then the physician can prescribe needed therapy for each patient individually. In most cases, there is group of preparations are applied to lower blood pressure, such as:

  • Diuretic drugs (Lasix, Hydrochlorothiazide, Aldactone, Torsemide, Triamterene, and others), by the usage of which, liquid level and arterial pressure index accordingly bring down;
  • Preparations well-known as calcium antagonist like (Verapamil, Norvasc, Azor, Amlopres- AT and many others) and ACE-inhibitors (for example: Altace, Accupril, Zestoreticand so on), which is able to widen the cavity of vessels and arteries (this group of remedy prevents the developing of vessels spasm and facilitate the heart work);
  • Beta-adrenoblockers (such as Zebeta, Toprol XL, Nebivolol, Avapro, Atenol and several others) and alpha1-adrenergic blockers (like Serpina, Minipress, Hytrin, Coreg, Cardura, etc.) can generally help in cardiac rate’s stabilization;

Also the doctor may recommend such medicamental agents as Vastarel, Vasotec, Tricor, Trandate, Rosulip-F, Prinivil and others, to lower blood pressure. If the reason of hypertension is any illness, then the physician can prescribe some antiviral drugs and antibiotics or any others drugs for it treatment. Usually after recovering of sickness, provoking the blood pressure rising, patients have normal state. As overweight is one of the causes of hypertension, so different diets and weight-loss preparations (such as Phentermine, Regenon, Xenical, Meridia-Sibutramine and others) can be prescribed. Also vitamins/herbal supplements (like Zincovit, Ashwagandha, Astymin-M Forte, Body Mass, Cipcal, Pilex, Spirulina Capsules, Vitamin C, Weight Gain Formula and many others) can probably help as with overweight problem so with high arterial pressure. If the patient has anxious feelings very often and it is the reason of hypertension, then it can be possible to use some anti- anxiety (such asMelatonin, Buspar, REM Again, Tagara, SleepWell, Revia and so on) to relax the man and to stop excessive  adrenalin’s entry into the blood. Remember, almost all medicines have contraindications and it is needed doctor’s consultation before usage of them.

Which are preventive measures of hypertension?

The prevention of hypertension is divided into the primary and second measures. The first one is needed to the health people, whose blood pressure hasn’t exceeded normal meanings yet. Such preventive measures as physical training, shot of salt diet, limitation of animal fat (like butter, cheese, sausages, sour cream and bacon), refusal of harmful habit (tobacco smocking and alcohol abuse)  and psychological unload can help to keep your arterial pressure in norm for many years. If the diagnosis “Hypertension” is made, then in addition to above-listed measures, the second way of prevention are used. The basic task for it is protection of target organs from negative consequences and avoidance of complications (such as cardiac ischemia, heart attack and brain stroke).