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by Michael Collin

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is slowly progressive virus sickness of immune system, brining for immune protection weakening from different infections and neoplasms. The last phase of HIV is generally AIDS. The illness was found in the beginning of 80th of the last century. Any person of any age can be infected by HIV. The sickness is not curable, but it is possible to block virus progressing and prolong your life for a long period in the beginning phase. It is very important to start HIV treatment as soon as it is possible. That is why, it is recommended to do HIV testing one time a year. This test is done all over the world as at hospitals, so it may be done at home by oneself, buying it at the drugstore or online pharmacy.  HIV test is only way to find out this sickness.

How does human immunodeficiency virus get in our body?

HIV viruscan be transmitted from the sick individual to the other person only by human liquid such as: blood, breast milk, sperm and vaginal discharge. The most well-known ways of HIV infection are not disinfected medical instruments, syringes used by another person (drug addicts more often), unprotected sexual acts, pregnancy and breast-feeding by sick mother. So it is necessary to know, that HIV isn’t transmitted with breathing, touching and things of the patient. Don’t be afraid the ill people and don’t avoid them. Think that HIV is like a hard chronic disease, needing in constant treatment.

Which and when can HIV symptoms appear after infection?

Signs of HIV are shown very weakly and pass very fast on stage of primary manifestations, and many infected people don’t attach great importance to them. The primary HIV symptoms in men are the same as in women. The first symptoms of HIV can appear in 4-5 month after contagion but they may be unnoticed also. The most frequent first sings of HIV are symptoms like of infectious mononucleosis. Person has high temperature with any reasons, inflammation of tonsil (quinsy) and lymph nodes (in neck more often), diarrhea, headache, appetite lowering, insomnia and hyperhidrosis at night. The second manifestations of disease’s last phase (AIDS symptoms) such as pneumocystic pneumonia, Kaposi’s sarcoma, candidiasis, herpes,breathlessness and cough,cytomegalovirus infection, fits, vision loss and tuberculosis may show in the fifth month after infection or may be absent during many years, for each patient individually. All these sicknesses are very hard curable with HIV and can be lethal for patient. Including all above mentioned sings, second manifestations of HIV symptoms in women have such peculiarity as menstrual disorders, inflammatory diseases of small pelvis (acute salpingitis frequently), vaginal candidosis, cancer and dysplasia.

From what does HIV cure begin?

Remember, only a doctor can make the right diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medicamental therapy after HIV testing. It might be needed to do repeat test to prove the sickness. Physicians often recommend to apply three type of antiretroviral and antiviral drugs (such as Atazanavir, Combivir, Darunavir, Didanosine, Epivir, Nevirapine, Retrovir, Ritomune, Stavudine, Sustiva, Truvada and so on) at the same time for the best result. It is very important to keep recommendations of the physician about dosages of prescribed preparations. The group of antiviral medicines may be changed if there is virus adaptation for them. As immunity is weak so there are cases of different infection diseases provoked by various microbes and fungi. Therefore for addition to antiviral drugs, such antibiotics as (Amikacin, Amoxicillin, Bactrim, Augmentin, Griseofulvin, Cipro,Vancomycin, Zithromax and others) can be used for struggle with attendant sickness, for example:influenzapneumonia and some others, which may be lethal for person with HIV. Also different preparations for immunity strengthening and vitamins like (Becadexamin, Mentat Pills, Riconia, Silibinin, Supradyn, Vitamin C and different others) may be recommended by physician. It might be needed help of psychotherapy. The aim of the therapy is to teach the patient and his relatives how to live with HIV and stabilize the sick person’s mental health. In some cases, anti-anxiety remedies (Alert Caps,Melatonin, REM Again and various others), antidepressants like (Celexa, Lexapro, Elavil,Paxil, Luvox, Prozac, RemeronWellbutrin SR and Zoloft) or even some antipsychotic medicines (Abilify, Compazine, Geodon, Invega and several others) may be applied for taking off various symptoms and problems connecting with HIV illness. Remember, every medication has different contraindications; therefore it is very important to have a consultation with a doctor or medical specialist, before applying of it.

How can we protect us from HIV?

There are several needed and simple rules which can protect you and dear to you people from falling ill with HIV:

  • be true to your partner;
  • use condom if you aren’t sure in your partner;
  • stop drug abuse;
  • some others.

Consult with a specialist to avoid this sickness’s appearance.