Heart disease is one of the main killers of humanity.

Heart diseases belong to the medical class of cardiovascular disease and include such states as peripheral artery disease (sickness of blood vessels, furnishing brain with blood), congenital heart disease (deformation of heart structure, which is chiefly existed from the birth and it can be diagnosed in period of pregnancy), congestive heart failure (a weakness of the heart), coronary artery disease (pathologic condition, characterized by absolute or relative abnormality of myocardium’s blood supply in consequence of which, heart attack is happened), stenocardia and different others. The statistics say that female individuals suffer from heart pathologies less in twice then male persons. This is due to the influence of estrogenic hormones that further the widening of the coronary vessels, but in postmenopausal period, women reduce the amount of these hormones, and this ability is lost. Heart disease is main cause of the Earth population’s mortality.

Why does such problem as heart disease appear?

There are various reasons of heart disease and some of them can be unknown. The most well-known causes are tobacco smoking, overweight (or obesity), alcoholism, depression, hypertension, ecological factor, overconsumption of fat food which can chiefly provoke the rise of cholesterol level in blood vessels, heredity, age and some viral and infectious illnesses (such as pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis and so on) which may generally give different negative or unrelated complications.

How can you recognize symptoms of heart disease and signs of a heart attack?

All people, having got cardiovascular sicknesses, know that the main common symptoms of their illnesses are high or low blood pressure (or hypertension), headache, weakness, vertigo and many others (for each kind of sickness and patient individually). If you have some of these sings you should to visit the doctor for a consultation and also checking your heart, and if it is necessary to start timely treatment. Also you should to know some heart attack symptoms which may touch everybody. Very often the heart attack beginning can be like sings of other sickness. So, how can the symptoms of heart attackmask? They can be presented in view of

  • Toothache and pain in left side of jaw. Usually people go to the dentist but not to cardiologist, loosing precious hours;
  • Pain in neck area, left arm, elbow and even leg. It doesn’t meter where is ailing, how it is happened that is important. Pain attacks can last during 10-15 minutes or longer and then they disappear for a short period of time;
  • Heart attack can be seamed as episode of bronchial asthma (short breath, air shortage, crackling);
  • Pallor, weakness, sudden appearance of sticky sweat. Sometimes infarction is accompanied with causeless temperature growth;
  • Something looking as food poisoning (acute stomachache, heartburn, sick and vomiting).

Very often a heart attack occurs generally asymptomatic, as a rule, people with diabetes. Sometimes there is just depression, anxiety, neurosis. Unlike men, heart attack symptoms in women can be prolonged, unmotivated fatigue, not only at the end of the day, but after sleep and rest, insomnia and indigestion also. If you have at least one of the above symptoms, take two pills of Bayer ASA Aspirin and immediately call an ambulance.

Which medicaments are used in heart disease treatment?

Medicamental treatment is presented itself a complex therapy, aimed primarily at removal the underlying causes of heart illness, risk lowering of the infarction and at maintaining the normal work of the heart in the future. After the physician diagnosed the sickness, he can prescribe the right medicines for each patient and sickness individually in dependence of many factors. For example:

  • For blood pressure normalization with hypertension, physician may probably recommend some diuretics and others drugs (such as Lasix, Hydrochlorothiazide, Caduet, Cozaar, Inderal, Nebivolol, Serpina, Diovan, Lozol, Adalat and so on);
  • Such medicamental remedies as Diltiazem and others are usually applied under coronary artery disease, stenocardia and many others heart sicknesses;
  • For lowering and control level of cholesterol in blood, which is responsible for thrombi formation and heart attack in future, doctor can perhaps recommend next medicines (Lasuna, Plavix, Pletal, Rosulip-F, Tricor, Aggrenox, Coumadin, Niaspan, Pravachol, Vytorin, Zocorand different others);
  • As depression and states of anxiety may be probably one of the reason of heart diseases and heart attack so physician often recommend using of antidepressants (such as Prozac, Luvox, Remeron, Zoloft, Paxil, Elavil, Wellbutrin SR, Celexa and several others) and various anti- anxiety preparations (for example, Buspar, Sumenta and others). 

Remember, all medicines have different contraindications; therefore it is necessary to consult a physician.

Don’t forget about your heart!

Don’t wait any heart diseases. Check your health regularly and treat all your chronic and new illnesses in time. Apply vitamins and herbal supplements pills (for example, Vitamin C, Spirulina Capsules, Pilex, Oxitard, Ginsengand some others) for the strengthening of your heart and improving of the whole organism’s working. Stop smocking and abuse of alcohol, go in for sport and do different morning exercises every day. Lose a couple of excess kilograms with diet and special preparations (such as Phentermine, Xenical, Body Mass, Weight Gain Formula and so on).