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by Michael Collin

Headache isn’t a sing of severe disease more often, but in some cases, it could be needed a medical help. Headaches are among the most common disorders of the person’s central nervous system. This negative state is a painful and denied the opportunity of normal condition function, which generally arises in the case of some few types of primary headache such as migraine, tension headaches, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. Also, this illness can be provoked by other reasons and can be second to the long list of various diseases, for example influenza, insomnia, allergy, pneumonia, trauma, hypertension, hypotension, cough, depression, rhinitis and many others. Women suffer from headache more often then men, because it is connected with some physiological cycles, several stressed disarrays and various others.

What causes migraines and other kinds of headache are?

It is proposed a lot of different classifications of headache. As it was said before, there are four basic directions of headache version’s subdivision in medical literature:

  • Headaches by organic diseases of the brain or liquorodynamic distressed conditions (such as head trauma, space-occupying lesion in the brain, meningitis and meningocephalitis);
  • Vascular headaches (such as hypertension and migraine). The Migraine causes are connected with change in the central nervous system’s working and blood vessels widening. Hunger, tiredness, bright light, alcohol, caffeine, stress, specified medicaments and some foods can be possible starting mechanism of migraine;
  • Psychogenic headaches. Tension headache is the most diffused form of the illness. It appears as reaction on mental overstrain, which is a result of acute or chronic stress. People with high anxiety level and evident or masked depression suffer from tension headache frequently;
  • Headaches are chiefly provoked by other reasons (such as viral and bacterial infections of any genesis, various metabolic disorders, sinusitis, skull, teeth or nose pathology, osteochondrosis of neck and so on).

By which symptoms can you classify your headache?

Let’s examine some sings, which can appear with different kinds of headaches. It can probably help you to choose the right migraine treatment. Symptoms of tension headache are permanent and non-beating pain, tension feelings, pressure in head and neck area, discomfort sense which isn’t rising during daily business’ execution. Such sings as constant severe headache in eye area repeated in the same time of twenty-four hours, reddening of eye and epiphora (in the one side of face) may be probably the cluster headache symptoms. With such state, more patients feel acute pain attack arising without any forerunners and which reaches the maximum during few minutes and it can be lasting from forty minutes till couple hours. Sinus headache is associated with deep and permanent pain in perirhinal, maxillary and nasal areas. Usually, pain becomes stronger after rapid movement or effort, accompanied with nose discharge, stuffiness in ears, high temperature and face edema. If you have rare headaches, which don’t cause more discomfort, then you can probably cope with it. But if the headache is very acute and painful accompanied with sickness and vomiting, high temperature and rigidity of cervical muscles or asthenia of hands or legs, then it may be emergency and it could be needed by medical help immediately.

Which kind of headache remedies can help you?

In the most cases, only the doctor can found out the reason of headache making needed test. Physician may prescribe appropriate headache treatment and in some case, can offer hospitalization for detailed examination and therapy’s selection. If the headaches happens not often, then some analgesics such as (Naprosyn, Relafen, Voltaren, Indocin and so on) and different pain relief drugs, for example (Panadol Extra, Motrin, Celebrex and several others) can be probably used, which make  headache relief effect very quickly. The basic sickness treatment, provoking headache, is general way in the headache therapy. Variousantidepressants including (PaxilRemeronZoloft,Wellbutrin SRLuvoxProzac, Asendin, Cymbalta,Elavil, Pamelor, Pristiq, Sinequan and many others) and anti-anxiety preparations, for example (Buspar, SleepWell, Melatonin, Brahmi, Rem Againand different others) are the main medications, usually recommended by some physicians, for tension headache’s medical cure. The sinus headache treatment is mostly directed at symptoms alleviation and infection removal. The main therapy includes various antibiotics, antihistamines such as (Allegra, Astelin, Clarinex, Periactin, Phenergan and different others) and decongestant officinal preparations. The decongestants usage, with absent of sinus sickness, can make stronger headache intensity, therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor before beginning of their applying. It is indispensable to employ the complex medical actions (such as massage, oxygen therapy, psychotherapy, special exercises and some others) for achievement of the best results in the headache’s treatment.

What can you do else to prevent headache?

Don’t wait till headache’s appearance, train your vessels by moderate physical loading, visit the open air frequently, keep off stress situations, follow the regime, don’t abuse of alcohol and different medicines and treat your chronic illnesses and negative conditions of the organism in time. But if you’ve had headache already, then visit your doctor and do all his recommendations punctually.