What do you know about Diarrhea?

The problem of diarrhea is well-known for everybody. A great difference is to encounter the person with the strongest diarrhea which is mostly accompanied by swelling, powerful pain or weakness forced him to appeal to the physician or it is a usual disorder developed in the patient’s bowels by the reason of overeating or insignificant food poisoning. But in any case it is only a symptom witnessed about different disturbances generally appeared in the gastrointestinal tract or the sickness mainly provoked such damages.

Diarrhea reasons

Among the most broadly spread diarrhea signs include

  • using of unboiled infected water;
  • food allergy or this sickness on some medicamental preparations;
  • food intolerance (for example, intolerance of lactose);
  • viral, bacterial or parasitogenic infection of the bowels (stomach influenza, meal poisoning, amebiasis or amebic dysentery);
  • stress, emotional disorders;
  • some others.

The reasons of the diarrhea can be also such illnesses and negative states of person’s organism as

  • the syndrome of irritated bowels;
  • Crohn's disease (regional enteritis – the chronic inflammation of digestive tract’s part);
  • ulcerous colitis, chronic inflammation or some ulcers on the cover of straight and fatty intestine;
  • rectal cancer;
  • the syndrome of malabsorption (the disturbances of absorption) and so on.

The most widely-spread symptoms of diarrhea

The diarrhea symptoms can be generally variated in dependence of the sickness severity’s degree called the damages of bowels working, condition of patient’s health on the moment of this disease and several other factors. The combination of various symptoms also strictly individually: the stomach swelling by some people under the diarrhea is mostly accompanied by the strongest painful sensations; diarrhea by other patients calls only the sense of fully explainable discomfort. There are some reasons of this sickness which are typical ones practically for every pathology which calls the diarrhea or it is sometimes accompanied by this illness. 

The frequent urges to the going to toilet. The necessity in frequent emptying of bowels mostly appears owing to some upsets of its functions, disturbances of motor function and capability to absorb different useful substances come together with food. This symptom of diarrhea is chiefly accompanied by stomach swelling, powerful meteorism and so on.  

Liquid stool. It is one of the main symptoms of this illness concluded into the highest containing of water in structure of dejection. Under this sickness it is mostly damaged the function of fluid absorption by the bowels’ walls. It is appeared its redundancy in the organism which can bring to the liquid stool.

Some pains in stomach. They are manifested with different degree of intensity (from the stupefied nagging pain till acute spasmodic one). The ache is localized in upper part of the abdominal cavity. It can be accompanied by swelling, rumbling, sensation of stomach fullness and many others.  

Vomiting. The strongest diarrhea called by poisoning, viral or bacterial infections is frequently accompanied by nausea mostly passed into retching. It is a protected reaction of person’s organism mainly helped the gastrointestinal tract to avoid from some substances which are very harmful for it. It is one of the most frequent symptoms of bowels’ disorders conditioned by food poisoning or some infections. Vomiting generally brings to the organism’s fluid loss and lack, of nutrients. As a result the patient feels the general weakness. If the vomiting doesn’t pause, the diarrhea doesn’t stop and different medicamental preparations don’t help you need to call a physician who can say you how to cure diarrhearightly.

High temperature. Under the strongest diarrhea it is possible the powerful headache, frequent pulse and high temperature till 39 °C. In this case you need to call a specialist immediately.

What can you do?

Drink more liquid desirably with warm or room temperature (water, bullion). Avoid the alcohol, coffee, milk and fruit juices. If the diarrhea is by suckling baby you need to continue the breast-feeding. Under the artificial feeding it is necessary to substitute the cow’s milk by clean water. It is followed to drink with some portions and small gulps. Don’t eat you don’t have any appetite. It is mostly recommended to eat some bananas, rice, dried white bread, worked up cereals (for example, porridge), potatoes, boiled or baked vegetables, lean meat in some quantities and different others. Avoid fresh fruits, green vegetables, alcohol, fat, spicy and fried food till full normalization of the bowels’ condition. Under the prolonged illness especially accompanied by weight loss it is necessary quickly to appeal to the medical specialist for diarrhea treatment by medical remedies. Under the necessity you can apply without prescription antidiarrheal medications such as (Imodium,Laxa Tea,Loperamide and many others) for the temporal facilitation of the condition. But these diarrhea medicines aren’t recommended for applying during prolonged time because they can enlarge the duration of the diarrhea or sometimes call more serious disturbances. Appeal to your physician if it may seem to you that this illness can be tied together with preparation which is taken by you. Diarrhea (especially chronic diarrhea) is a widely-spread collateral result of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicaments, antidepressants and antibiotics under the prolonged application. Apply to your doctor quickly if this sickness continues more than two days by children and more than five days by adult patients and also under the reasons of dehydration, powerful spasms or some pains in stomach, under the dark, blood or mucous stool. The infants and aged persons have to deliver into the hospital under the list above symptoms.

What can your physician do?

In biggest cases the disease of diarrhea passes singly during two or three days. If the liquid diet doesn’t help the physician can prescribe some preparations decelerated the activity of bowels and stomach and applied in complex treatment for diarrhea (Reglan, Ursodioland many others). Bit such medicaments aren’t recommended for applying by children and teenagers. The doctor must define and removal the reason of constant diarrhea. Under the necessity he has to direct you to the hospital for analysis and medical cure and then tell you how to treat diarrhea rightly. Under the necessity the physician can also recommend you to take some vitamins and herbal preparations for improving your digestion, removal of spasms and normalization of stomach right working such as (Aloe Vera Juice, Chyavanaprasha, Bonnisan Drops, Punarnavaand several others). The medicine for diarrhea can be taken such be children as by infants.