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by Michael Collin

Researches of all countries found out that depression as the cardiovascular illness becomes the most diffused sickness in the present time. About 20% population of the well-developed countries suffers from acedia. Depression​ is very serious illness, which can decrease the ability to work sharply and bring suffering as for sick so for their relatives. Unfortunately no many want to know about symptoms and aftereffects of acedia, therefore the help for those people is given too late, when the sickness has got prolonged and hard form. Often depression can appear after posttraumatic stress disorder, as background of somatic or chronic illnesses such as (endocrine, gastrointestinal and other). The depression’s growth in our civilization connects with the fast life’s temp. There are a lot of factors in the contemporary society such as (the social instability, the difficult economic conditions and etc.) which can provoke stress situations.

The depression’s typical symptoms

Apathy is the illness of the all human’s organism. There are unipolar (when mood stays in range of the one reduced “pole”) and bipolar symptoms which alternate with manic, hypomanic or mixed affect`s episodes. The manifestations of the signs of depression are very different and they depend from sickness`s character. The most known symptoms of acedia are emotional (melancholy, anxiety disorders, irritability, guilt feeling), physiological (insomnia, sleepiness, stool retention, pain in diverse parts of the body), behavioral (passivity, solitude, alcoholism), intellectual display (negative thoughts about suicide, own meaningfulness and so on). Anxiety symptoms are similar like light forms of slump and these sicknesses can be treated by the same medical preparations. Consult a doctor, if you have symptoms of depression more than two weeks. If the correct diagnosis is made and right therapy is started in time, then there are more odds for faster recovery.

Depression is curable!

Depression treatment consists of several methods. Don’t forget, early diagnostics including depression test and timely effective cure are important for faster recovery and reduce the risk of the relapse. The doctor can prescribe pharmacological therapy by antidepressants (psychotropic medication), recommend psychotherapy but often unite the both methods for best results. The correct treatment allows deliver from symptoms of depression completely in the majority of cases.

Which antidepressants can be used?

The basic preparations of depression treatment are antidepressants. Only doctor can prescribe the most suitable antidepressants or powerful anti-anxious medicaments for patient. There are many kinds of the drugs from this cluster, one of them are tricyclic medicaments (Asendin, Sinequan,Remeron, Pamelor, Elavil and others).The main antidepressant’s advantages of new generation such as (ProzacZoloftWellbutrin SRPaxil CR, Elavil,Celexa, Cymbalta, Desyrel, LexaproLuvox, Pristiq, and Effexor XR) are: better portability, reduction of the accidental effects and high safety by overdose. These medicants are non-addictive ones. If maniac conduct appears, then probably the physician can recommend behavior’s regulator anti-anxiety (Lithium, Anexil, Alert Caps and several others) or anticonvulsive drugs (Buspar, Paxil, and many others). The dose of the preparation is prescribed for each patient individually. It is very important to follow medical advice. You need to know, that therapeutic effect from anti-depressed remedies can show slowly and gradually, therefor it is necessary to be positive and wait for result’s appearance.

Psychotherapy is one of the depression cure’s methods

This kind of the treatment is not the alternative one. It is the major object with pharmacological therapy of depression medication. Psychotherapy helps sick individuals to develop some skills of the emotional self-regulation and to cope with crisis situations efficiently. The most popular and scientifically based methods of depression`s treatment are psychodynamic, behavioral and cognitive therapies. According to psychodynamic therapy, the psychological depression’s basis is internal unconscious conflicts. For example, patient wishes to be independent and to be taken by others at the same time. Behavioral therapy solves patient’s problems, gets away behavioral symptoms (passivity, monotonous style of life, isolation) and draws into the purposive activity. Cognitive psychotherapy delivers from negative thinking. The changes of the non-directed thoughts are needed by accurate individual work which heads for development of more realistic and optimistic views on the world and future. Family counseling and special group therapy can be additional psychotherapy’s forms.

Help by the relatives

Supporting by relatives and friends is very important to overcome the disease of depression, even if patient doesn’t show his interest in it. Try don’t concentrate in to the sickness of nears and introduce positive emotions into your life. Help patient to go in for sports, keep off the alcohol drinking and smoking, to hold to balanced diet and many other positive emotions. Such conduct influence on faster recovery from depression.