What do you know about a cough?

If you have coughing at night, day or any time- it interrupts your normal life and irritates you. All your minds are only about pure and light breathing. But you have to know that cough is not a problem or symptom of any sickness only. It is mandatory health`s attribute. Cough is important part of the immunity`s local system, effective mode of the breathing passages’ cleaning and so on. Any normal human have got cough sometime. Organism cleans lungs from mucus, which are accumulated in it. It cannot be in different ways, because we usually breathe not too fresh air. Sputum can rise with different sicknesses of the lungs and upper airways, then bronchus neutralizes from viruses and bacteria by cough. Pieces of food, snivels (especially in childhood), dust, filing, tobacco’s smoke and others things got to lung can be the reason of coughing, too.

Cough can be illness’s symptom and source of infection.

Don’t forget, if you have the cough more than five days and your custom cough medicine or other therapy doesn’t help it is necessary to call a physician and take a qualified consultation with him immediately. Don’t hope for autotherapy, because a simple cough can be a symptom of various diseases which may by dangerous ones for your life and lives of the members in your family and friends, for example dry cough at night sometimes is sing of bronchial asthma, pertussis or cardiac decompensationandsevere cough can be probably provoked by bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia. There are lots of the illnesses’ types such as (chronic obstructive disease of lungs, bronchopneumonia, rhinitis, tuberculosis or even cancerof breathing passages or different organs of respiratory system and many others) which can be accompanied by cough. If the reasons of the sickness are virus, bacteria or fungus, there is high risk for nears to be infected, because, with coughing`s process, microbes fly into the air and then are breathed by healthy people.

Which kind of therapies and drugs are used with different forms of cough?

Many physicians all over the world generally prescribe the best cough medicine or other therapies (including home treatment by natural preparations or some drugs from ayurvedic medicine) after all need tests for all patients and for each sickness`s form individually. It is very important to start your treatment in time. There are great number of methods and medicaments, let’s examine some of them in this article. The pharmacological therapy uses various types of medical preparations called bronchodilators such as (Atrovent, Ventolin, Xopenex and others), corticosteroid and antihistaminic drugs (Rhinocort, Medrol, Allegra, Clarinex, Claritin and so on) for cough treatment, provoked by allergic reaction on different factors. If it is symptom of infection sicknesses, antibiotics (Amikacin, Ampicillin, Ceclor, Ceftin, Cipro, Isoniazid and various others) are applied immediately. In case of need, for coughing up phlegm doctor can prescribe cough syrup and vitamins like (Vitamin C, Becadexamin, Kof Teaand several others). If the sick individual has some problems with expectoration, physician probably recommends dry cough remedies (Vancomycin, Zithromax and many others) for liquefaction of mucus or inhalations. Several massages, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical trainings are ancillary treatments. Infusions with different plants (oregano, mint, chamomile), worm milk, honey and walnuts (if temperature and allergy by these foods is absent) is very good home remedy for cough.

There are no secrets for light breathing.

As you have known from this article, that cough can be as helpful and natural process for human organism, so perhaps can be one of the dangerous symptoms of the multitude diseases. Take care about yours and your children lungs by following some of the simple rules to have light breathing: visit physician in time, do all doctor’s recommendations, take chronic medication regularly, stop smoking(if  it is difficult for you, try to use special pills or gum (like Chantix, Zyban, Nicorette Gum or various other), go in for sports (for each kind of sickness and human individually), keep a diet if it is necessary (especially for people who is suffered by allergy), have airing, stay away from dust industrial areas (if it is possible change your job or place of residence), don’t get self-medication. Also the breathlessness in view of cough can chiefly appear by various individuals with overweight or obesity. To lower the superfluous mass of your body you can with help of different modern new medicamental agents (Xenical, Body Mass, Regenon (Tenuate), Phentermine (Adipex) orMeridia – Sibutramine). Day by day you can be more healthy and beautiful.