What is bronchial pneumonia?

Bronchopneumonia is an inflammatory disease of lungs, touching only some parts of the lung. Bronchial pneumonia differs from the chronic pneumonia by varied clinical presentations` forms. It is necessary a lot of time for recovery. Relapses are happened very often. Bronchopneumonia can be as primary, so for second time sickness (more frequently).

 Which are the reasons of bronchopneumonia’s appearance?

Bronchial pneumonia, as a primary sickness, may be provoked by great number of viruses and bacteria such as streptococcus, pneumococcus and so on. But more often the main reasons of this illness are consequences of upper air passages’ infections. For example, bronchitis, influenza and some others can be the cause of the bronchial pneumonia. Also pressure in lung from the swelling, inspiration of toxic gases, postoperational complications may be the reasons of the illness, too.

Who is more exposed to the bronchopneumonia?

Any human of different ages can fall ill with bronchial pneumonia. But there are a group of people which are more exposed to this sickness such as newborns, children with chronical, congenital or hereditary sicknesses of respiratory system, people which suffer from heart disease, pancreatic diabetes and HIV, smokers and several others.

Symptoms of bronchial pneumonia

The basic sings of pneumonia are:

  • fever ( temperature is rising to 37.5-39 C during 1-3 days, accompanied with weakness, hyperhidrosis, insomnia, anorexia, gastrocnemius muscle pain)
  • cough (at first it is dry and frequent, but then sputum is appearing with typical greenish color or sometimes with blood streaks during illness progressing)
  • dyspnea (often with acute bronchopneumonia adults have got feelings of air`s shortage, even they get rest state), chest pain (stabbing pain appears with cough or deep breath in involved part of lungs).

What should you know about treatment for bronchial pneumonia?

If you have got aforesaid symptoms more than two days and your prescribed medicines don’t help in your treatment, then you have to consult a doctor immediately. Bronchopneumonia treatment consists of several methods. Remember, only physician can prescribe correct medicaments for you individually. Therapy by antibiotics is basic concept of the pneumonia treatment. As the reason of the sicknesses (bronchial pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia and so on) are viruses and bacteria in more cases, so physicians may use antibiotics  for injection or pills such as (Amikacin, Meronem IV, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, Amoxil,Avelox, Tetracycline HCl, Cipro, Vancomycin, Zithromax and so on) individually for each case. If the temperature is too high, then drugs with anti-fever activity (Bayer ASA Aspirin, Noroxin,and others) are applied such as monotherapy as together with other medications. For struggle with cough it is recommended different expectorant preparations. Also if it is necessary doctor prescribes anti-inflammatories like (Ilosone, Vancomycin, Augmentin, Cipro, and different others) and antiallergic drugs such as (Symbicort, Advair, Haridra, Koflet, Spiriva, etc.). Physiotherapy, therapeutic physical training and breathing exercises are prescribed if fever has gone already. Teas with various plants (Kof Tea, oregano, chamomile, mint), worm milk and honey, as home remedy, may be used, too. For immunity’s strengthening vitamins (Becadexamin, Vitamin C, Zincovit, Cold Balmand so on) are employed very often as additional remedies to the main therapeutic course.

Can vaccination help?

A lot of people ask ”how to treat pneumonia?”, but no many of them think about ”how don’t fall ill with bronchial pneumonia?” There is pneumonia vaccine which can probably defend you from such sickness like (bronchitis, pneumonias, otitis media, meningitis and so on). The vaccination can be very useful, but there are couple conditions: disease has to be provoked by streptococcus, pneumococcus and vaccine has to be consist of strain with necessary bacteria.  Even human has fallen ill with pneumonia after vaccination, then his recovering will be more easy and faster, and there will be small chance for this sickness’s aftereffects. Vaccination may be recommended by physician for people are exposed to pneumonia and others illnesses.

What do we need to do after recovering from bronchopneumonia?

To prevent the relapse of the disease it is necessary keep to some simple rules:

  • Washing hands regularly;
  • Stop smoking immediately;
  • Keep off any contacts with sick people;
  • Go in for sports;
  • Have a good sleep and have a periodic rest;
  • Apply the Anti Flu Face Mask and Anti-Bacterial Face Mask;
  • Many other recommendations.