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The treatment and symptoms of bronchial asthma by children and adults.

Bronchial asthma is a chronic sickness mostlybronchial-asthma-1 developed on the background of allergic inflammatory process in the breathing passages such by adult patients as by children. It is appeared the acute spasm of bronchial tubes and strengthening of mucus discharge. Bronchial asthma is enough dangerous illness. It can be caused by acute allergic bronchitis. The sickness can appear imperceptible with atypical dermatitis. It can be developed in different ages even in childhood.

The treatment of acute bronchitis in the domiciliary

If it is added dry and then wet cough tacute-bronchitiso the sneezing nose and red throat the sick person will have an acute bronchitis that is an irritation and edema of bronchial tubes’ mucous membrane. What you need to do that bronchitis becomes an acute-flowing disease (about 2 weeks) but not prolonged one (more than 3 weeks) and also what you need to treat the sharpest bronchitis in domiciliary you can read in the article below.


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