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Viral hepatitis

Hepatitis is generally diffused and dangerous inflammatory-infectious sickness of the human liver with the viral nature. The illness is chiefly subdivided into the eight known groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, SEN and TTV) which may be probably provoked by different viruses. Many scientists think that there are some till unknown viruses which can be the reason of the disease also. The sickness can involve any people in any age. Hepatitis (inflammatory liver lesions) may be a symptom of such illnesses as rubella, herpes, yellow fever, HIV and many others. Liver cirrhosis and cancer can possibly develop without promptly hepatitis c cure.

Headache as a negative state of the nervous system

Headache isn’t a sing of severe disease more often, but in some cases, it could be needed a medical help. Headaches are among the most common disorders of the person’s central nervous system. This negative state is a painful and denied the opportunity of normal condition function, which generally arises in the case of some few types of primary headache such as migraine, tension headaches, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. Also, this illness can be provoked by other reasons and can be second to the long list of various diseases, for example influenza, insomnia, allergy, pneumonia, trauma, hypertension, hypotension, cough, depression, rhinitis and many others. Women suffer from headache more often then men, because it is connected with some physiological cycles, several stressed disarrays and various others.

Otitis Media

Many people want to know more about different illnesses and also their right medical cure. In this article we would like to tell you some information about otitis. It is inflammation of the ear. This sickness divides into otitis externa, labyrinthitis and otitis media. The last one happens more often, especially in childhood. First of all, middle ear infection arises because of hitting microbes in the ears, which involve mucous membrane, provoke mucous edema and pus not infrequently. Otitis media can be acute and chronic, catarrhal or purulent one.

Hypotension as the negative state of cardiovascular system

Arterial ​pressure makes troubles for us not only when it rises, but also when there is too lowering blood pressure. And there are hypotensive patients not a bit less than hypertensive ones among us.  Hypotension is a state of patient’s organism, in which arterial pressure maximally lowers to limit perceptible by person. Blood pressure chat with such condition is individual one, but usually it is lower 100/60 mm Hg for male individuals, and 95/60 mm HG for female persons. Low blood pressure, unlike hypertension, doesn’t very harm to the cardiovascular system and heart’s working. For many people (such as highland, tropics residents and sportsmen), hypotension state is the normal blood pressure. In any case low blood pressure chat is not pathologic condition, till patient presents some problems. Arterial hypotension can be acute (usually accompanied with lowering of oxygen entering to the brain and functions decrease of vital part and needed in immediate medical assistance) and chronic (there is risk of ishemic stroke developing  for aged people and worsening of life’s quality for youth). Low blood pressure may be a reason of impotence, menstrual disorders and many other diseases and negative states of person’s organism, giving a lot of problems in our live. 

What is normal blood pressure?

Hypertension is a sickness or a condition with high (or the highest) blood pressure. Such male individuals the same as the female persons can suffer from hypertension. This illness is the most diffused state of the patient’s cardiovascular system. The blood pressure chat till 130/85 is considered as normal blood pressure in any age. It can talk about hypertensia presence, if high blood pressure chat is more than 140/90. The sickness generally occurs very often with people older than forty years old. This disease can be one of the main reasons of disability and death, among people with cardiovascular system’s illnesses and several disarrays of the central nervous system.

Alcoholism is a disease of millions people all over the world.

Alcoholism definition is insuperable inclination for alcoholic drinks, generally connecting with physical and mental dependence, brining to different disorders and personality changes in health of every person. Many people think that drugs and alcohol is bad habit, but it is narcological disease with a lot of various dangerous aftereffects.

Can HIV be cured?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is slowly progressive virus sickness of immune system, brining for immune protection weakening from different infections and neoplasms. The last phase of HIV is generally AIDS. The illness was found in the beginning of 80th of the last century. Any person of any age can be infected by HIV. The sickness is not curable, but it is possible to block virus progressing and prolong your life for a long period in the beginning phase. It is very important to start HIV treatment as soon as it is possible. That is why, it is recommended to do HIV testing one time a year. This test is done all over the world as at hospitals, so it may be done at home by oneself, buying it at the drugstore or online pharmacy.  HIV test is only way to find out this sickness.

What do you know about Diarrhea?

The problem of diarrhea is well-known for everybody. A great difference is to encounter the person with the strongest diarrhea which is mostly accompanied by swelling, powerful pain or weakness forced him to appeal to the physician or it is a usual disorder developed in the patient’s bowels by the reason of overeating or insignificant food poisoning. But in any case it is only a symptom witnessed about different disturbances generally appeared in the gastrointestinal tract or the sickness mainly provoked such damages.

What is allergy and why does it appear?

The last several ten years the morbidity by allergy has impetuous grown. Without any exaggerations the allergy can be called the most mysterious sickness even in the modern medicine. Up to date the scientists and physicians don’t know rightly the exact reasons of this pathology’s development. Together with these factors the allergy steadily grows generally in the developed countries. Only with helping of allergy testing assigned by a doctor you can reveal what kind of this illness you have and what allergic reaction symptoms you have.

What does chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) mean?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is independent progressing sickness of lungs, which is characterized by not only inflammatory component, so by structural alterations in vessels and lungs. It is proved, that COPD involves men older forty years old most of all. This illness takes main lines among all reasons of disability. Indeed, there is high lethal risk even for capable of working population.


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