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Inopportunely diagnosed rheumatism can be a reason of the disability

Majority rheumatismof pains in the articulations are generally associated with elderly people and it is difficult to imagine that such sickness as rheumatism may be also a destiny of young patients. Sometimes the first reasons of this illness chiefly appear in age of 7-15 years. Honestly most of all only adult patients appeal to the physicians but the ailment can be lasted even from their childhood. Gout is generally manifested owing to the persons’ passing of different streptococcic sicknesses (for example, angina), allergy or some allergic reactions of the organism on the external irritants or genetics. This disease isn’t passed by the hereditary way directly.  The predisposition of the organism to this sickness by the children which is ill on rheumatism generally passes on the strength on such fact that immune system of the child is similar like paternal one. It is mainly tracked the tendency that sick individuals are inclined to perceive this illness as tribute and they don’t give enough attention to it. In such case it is followed to remember that if the term if sickness is bigger the consequences will be serious ones.

Posttraumatic stressed disorder – what is it?

Posttraumatic ptsdstressed disorder (PTSD) is generally developed chiefly owing to the traumatic event (psycho-traumatic incident) when you feel yourself helpless or threaten the danger. PTSD is usually associated by majority of people with wounded or maimed soldiers in the battles and the fighting (military) actions are the most broadly-spread reason of this negative state. Also this condition can be mostly appeared by such people who survived the catastrophe, were the eyewitnesses of the eyewitness and also by those patients who are busy with the catastrophe’s liquidation including the workers of the emergency services or law enforcement agencies. Also PTSD can be chiefly developed by friends re members of the family by those people who have already experienced the psycho-traumatic experiment. Posttraumatic stressed disarray by various people can be mostly developed differently. Though the symptoms of this condition are usually developed during some hours or several days after the psycho-traumatic event in some case the symptoms may appear over weeks or even months.

Rheumatoid arthritis is “death” for your articulations

Rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis​arthritis is mostly one of the heaviest articulate sicknesses mainly flowing with majority of different lesions. This illness strikes people with any ages but most of all those ones who are over thirty years old. Women become sick on this disease practically in five times more often than male persons. This sickness chiefly strikes about 1-2% of the world population.

So what is the dyspnea?

​Breathlessness dyspnea(or dyspnea) is a subjective sensation of the acute or chronic human feeling shortness of breathing with chest tenseness, increasing in respiratory rate more then eighteen per minute and a rise in its depth. Usually person does not pay attention to his own breathing located at rest. Breathing changes at moderate exertion rate and depth and people realize it, and such condition does not give him discomfort feelings, besides breathing performance comes to normal for several minutes after exercise. If exertional dyspnea becomes more severe during mild loading, or occurs during a person is doing elementary actions (at home walking, when tying shoelaces), or, even worse, breathing problems do not pass into a state of rest, it is a pathological shortness of person’s breathing, indicating about some sicknesses.

What should you know about diphtheria?

Diphtheria diphtheriais one of the most dangerous, acute and also infectious sickness. It is the inflammation of the upper respiratory ways, the nose and pharynx, genitals or eyes and the skin. However, the greatest problem for the patient is not inflammation but it is poisoning by toxin which the bacterium produces. Among the most dangerous complications of diphtheria are: paralysis of respiratory muscles and diaphragm muscles, heart diseases, otitis, hepatitis, pneumonia, brain swelling and different others.

Bleeding as a negative state of organism

Bleeding bleedingis chiefly called the blood loss that occurs due to blood vessel disturbance. The vascular integrity may be compromised by trauma, purulent melting, hypertension and influence of toxins. Several changes in blood chemistry can also cause bleeding. It is provoked by a wide range of the sicknesses such as sepsis, cancer, scarlet fever, hemophilia, jaundice, scurvy, and different others. When the hemorrhage mostly occurs in the body cavity (peritoneal, pleural), it is called the internal bleeding. The hemorrhage into the tissue is chiefly well-known as a hematoma. If any cloth is soaked with blood, it is said about subcutaneous, intracerebral hemorrhage and so on.

What do you know about Brucellosis?

Brucellosis brucellosisin humans (undulant fever, Gibraltar fever) is a zoonotic infectious sickness that primarily affects the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, and also reproductive system. Micro-organisms that cause this illness were firstly identified in 1886 by Englishman Bruce. From his name, the disease was called "brucellosis." With inadequate brucellosis treatment, the sickness becomes chronic. Sometimes with significant lesions of the musculoskeletal system, the patient can be incapacitated. Forecast for life under brucellosis is mostly favorable. In pregnant female individuals, this sickness provokes abortion, stillbirth and preterm delivery.

What is virus and types of virus?

Viruses virusesare the smallest causative agents of different infectious sicknesses. It is the most primitive form of life stood on the border among the alive and nonliving nature. Viral infections are the big group of illnesses when their reason is a virus. They present theirselves the passed form between the living and inanimate matter. Viruses have their own genetic material but they don’t have any own cells. So the virus is only an intracellular parasite.

90% of us have herpes simplex virus infection.

Herpes herpesis the most common human sickness, whose the causative agent is herpes simplex virus. There is about 90% of the population in the whole world, which are infected with this type of virus. According to numerous European researches to eighteen years over 90% of urban residents infected with one or more strains of at least seven clinically relevant viruses (herpes zoster, herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, human herpes virus 6 and 8th types). The peculiarity of the herpes simplex virus is in that, it can possibly be hidden in the body for a long period time and does not manifest itself recently. Herpes begins to actively recur when a person's immune system is weakened. And then there are different character sings of herpes which are the small painful blisters. Very often, herpes involves the person’s skin, eyes and genitals. Carriers of the herpes virus are almost all adult patients all over the world. This virus actively spreads and remains in the human body during all his life.

Heart disease is one of the main killers of humanity.

Heart diseases belong to the medical class of cardiovascular disease and include such states as peripheral artery disease (sickness of blood vessels, furnishing brain with blood), congenital heart disease (deformation of heart structure, which is chiefly existed from the birth and it can be diagnosed in period of pregnancy), congestive heart failure (a weakness of the heart), coronary artery disease (pathologic condition, characterized by absolute or relative abnormality of myocardium’s blood supply in consequence of which, heart attack is happened), stenocardia and different others. The statistics say that female individuals suffer from heart pathologies less in twice then male persons. This is due to the influence of estrogenic hormones that further the widening of the coronary vessels, but in postmenopausal period, women reduce the amount of these hormones, and this ability is lost. Heart disease is main cause of the Earth population’s mortality.


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