What is allergy and why does it appear?

The last several ten years the morbidity by allergy has impetuous grown. Without any exaggerations the allergy can be called the most mysterious sickness even in the modern medicine. Up to date the scientists and physicians don’t know rightly the exact reasons of this pathology’s development. Together with these factors the allergy steadily grows generally in the developed countries. Only with helping of allergy testing assigned by a doctor you can reveal what kind of this illness you have and what allergic reaction symptoms you have.

In medias res

Allergy is nothing more than form of specific immune answer which is appeared from the heightened vulnerability of the person’s organism on the designate substance. The sickness can be manifested by various outward symptoms among which it is distinguished the lacrimation, skin redness, nasal catarrh or rhinitis, sneezing, edema, and some others. The most dangerous manifestations of allergy are the Quincke’s edema (or angioneurotic edema). It is an edema of respiratory ways’ mucous cover that can be ended by lethal outcome for sick individual. 

Where is the allergy manifested from?

Scientists and medical specialists don’t know the exact reasons of this sickness’s development. Nowadays there are big numbers of different theories which chiefly explain the possible mechanism of the pathology’s developing. Specialists think that the hereditary factors have a large meaning in allergy development. The genetic predisposition is expressed by the composition of specific genes conditioned the heightened excitability of the person’s immunity system on the foreign substances. The last several ten years the disease incidence by allergy is impetuously grown up. The biggest quantity of highly allergic individuals is the inhabitants of the cities. Often the allergy is developed more in young age, but this sickness can appear both in forty and in sixty years old. The aged people usually possess by allergy on the medicamental preparations.   

Hidden allergens and widely-spread types of allergy

You can not suspect that you apply some food which can be a reason of allergy. There different “hidden allergens” in some meal products. And their frequent applying can bring to the development of several allergic reactions (from light forms till patients hospitalization). The most dangerous products are peanuts, hazelnuts, marine products, fish, milk, honey, eggs and soya beans. Sometimes the organism “storms” in answer on the application of overseas fruits which are simply unaccustomed for our organism. They are generally called as food allergies. To know what food you can eat you may with helping of food allergy testing which is assigned by your physician- allergist. Besides food products the sources of allergens are the soft toys, domestic animals (dog and cat allergies), thick carpets and also the mould (mold allergies) which is often formed with help of the highest humidity. Under appearance of the allergy’s first symptoms (for example, causeless nasal catarrh and sneezing) it is followed to visit and allergist for a consultation. The main rule is to identify the allergen and don’t contact with it.

Seasonal allergies

The most broadly-spread allergic reactions from this category are the allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and hay fever or grass pollen allergy. The main seasonal allergy symptoms can be appeared in view of

  • sneezing;
  • stuffiness in nose;
  • nasopharyngeal flowing;
  • sensation of stuffiness in ear (ears);
  • watering, reddening eyes;
  • itching, burning in nose;
  • itching and irritation of soft palate, aural channel, conjunctiva;
  • tiredness, loss of strength;
  • insomnia and so on. 

Allergy relief and care

Thankfully these allergies (especially hay fever) don’t always need the special methods of treatment and it will be enough the limitation of contact with some allergens and simple hygienic procedure. Under the shortage of effect from these measures you can apply the accessible in every online-drugstore antiallergic medications such as (Koflet, Patanol, Haridra, Pulmicort, Deltasone, Spiriva, Vasaka, Relent, Singulair, Theophylline, Zyrtec and many others). These medical agents can be also used for the skin allergy treatment (including dermatosis, mycosis and others). Also these allergies (including skin allergies and so on) can be relieving with help of corticosteroid remedies and nasal sprays (Sterapred, Rhinocort, Medrol, Nasonex, Flonaseand different others). Aerosols are effective ones in the biggest cases because they practically don’t have any collateral results and don’t call the condition of drowsiness. These medications mostly eliminate the itching, mucus edema and stuffiness in nose. They are needed the everyday applying and sometimes it is necessary several days to reach the steadfast effect. They don’t relate to the steroid preparations used for improving the sport results and they don’t prohibit by antidoping committee.  

Other allergy relief medicine

In the last several years several medical preparations without a prescription have received the largest spreading such as (Atarax, Benadryl,and some others). All these antihistaminic medicaments have short action with short-term effects generally possessed by sedative activity and contra indicated under the administration by the dangerous mechanisms. It is followed to register that under their constant applying the sedative effect is diminished with time as anti allergic one. Also it is possibly some habit to these drugs till painful predilection. As alternative it can be used the antihistaminic preparations with prolonged action for the allergy treatment including (Clarinex, Phenergan, Allegra, Claritin, Periactin, Xyzal and others). It is followed to use them twice per day and they practically don’t have any sedative action. Also under the bronchial asthma, powerful cough and allergic bronchitis it is necessary to take several inhalers (Xopenex, Combivent, Ventolin, Flovent, Serevent, Atrovent and various others).