Alcoholism is a disease of millions people all over the world.

Alcoholism definition is insuperable inclination for alcoholic drinks, generally connecting with physical and mental dependence, brining to different disorders and personality changes in health of every person. Many people think that drugs and alcohol is bad habit, but it is narcological disease with a lot of various dangerous aftereffects. It is proved, that young people are more propensity for alcohol and drug abuse than grown one. The sickness involves organism and subordinates to itself human freedom, making him depended from systematic using of alcohol drinks and many other bad consequences for health and organism working.

What effects alcohol is?

Even hard drinking (when irreversible biochemical aftereffects have not come yet) mostly provokes beginnings of very negative consequences on it background. Alcohol also promotes many illnesses such as: cancer, encephalopathy, pancreatitis, anemia, gastritis, nephropathy, hepatitis (then cirrhosis of liver) and many others. If honestly, it is very difficult to find sickness, which is not become aggravated by chronic alcohol intoxication.

When can we begin to be worried?

There are some typical symptoms of alcoholism and signs, which are usually used in clinical practice for setting diagnosis:

  • Vomiting reflex is absent after drinking of considerable quantity of alcohol;
  • Loosing control under quantity of alcohol drinks;
  • The sick person doesn’t remember, what have happened before or after drinking (retrograde amnesia);
  • Daily need of drinking (sick has fits of hard drinking);
  • The person has a hangover in the morning usually;
  • Various others.

The basic phases of alcohol poisoning treatment:

  • Any poisoning treatment, not alcohol only, begins from gastric lavage. It is necessary to drink 4-6 glasses of warm water with adding two tea spoons of salt or two drops of liquid ammonia and cause vomiting by pressing on root of tongue. There is huge quantity of water is poured into stomach by special probe in hospital.
  • If the stomach is clean or you can not wash it out, then you may use chelators (preparations taking toxic substances out the organism). Activated carbon is one of the most simple, available and very efficacious medicamental remedy.
  • After taking out the rests of alcohol from the organism, you can process to removal of intoxication symptoms. Some analgesics (Indocin, Relafen, Voltaren and others) can be applied to abate headache. Antabuse, Bayer ASA Aspirin, Vitamin Cand vitamins belonged to the group B such as Neurobion Forteincrease metabolism and help to diminish alcohol effects into the organism. 

If you encounter with hard case of alcohol poisoning and lose control under the situation, call an ambulance urgently.

From what can alcoholism treatment be started?

Many people do some mistakes, thinking that the employing of some medicaments can help them to deal successfully with problems of alcoholism, but the most medicines take off some symptoms for shot period of time only. First of all, the person has to decide for one to stop drinking. After that, he/she must consult a doctor for prescribing right medical cure. The real treatment begins with alcohol detox of organism by medical supervision. Also, medications of lowering inclination for alcohol (such as Revia, Naltrexone and so on) can be used immediately. If the alcoholic try to keep off the booze, he/she must to understand, that clearance of alcohol from the organism brings to unpleasant feelings “alcohol withdrawal symptoms”. These feeling are custom side effects of detoxication. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are keeping during a few days after sick person stops drinking. Side effects and negative results are very painful ones and even dangerous often, so clinics use in alcoholism treating some pain relief and calming preparations to help the sick in this hard period. Intensity and duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms are different for each patient, and depend from length of alcohol experience. The most customs unpleasant feelings (such as headaches, nausea, anxiety and insomnia) may be alleviated by some moderate anti-anxiety drugs including (Alert Caps, Anexil, Buspar, SleepWell,etc.) and some soporific preparations (such as Ambien, Imovane (Zoplicone), Dormicum and so on). The most menacing manifestations of alcohol withdrawal symptoms (such as fits, delirium and high blood pressure - hypertension) are needed in pain-relief medicines (pain-killers) like (Panadol Extra, Motrin, Aleve, Cafergot, Maxaltand different others) and powerful antidepressants (such as Celexa, Elavil, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, Remeron, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and several others). Therefore it is very important to do course of alcohol detoxification in medical institution or with medical supervision.

The simple phrase “I am alcoholic” can be beginning of recovering.

Psychotherapeutic treatment of alcoholism is obligatory addition for medicamental therapy. It is a process, which applies different methods and patient’s psyche reserves. One of the conditions of the successful psychotherapeutic medical cure is collaboration of the physician with sick person. There is individual and group courses of the psychotherapy for patient and his relatives for formation of strong climate inside the family.