The treatment of acute bronchitis in the domiciliary

If it is added dry and then wet cough tacute-bronchitis​o the sneezing nose and red throat the sick person will have an acute bronchitis that is an irritation and edema of bronchial tubes’ mucous membrane. What you need to do that bronchitis becomes an acute-flowing disease (about 2 weeks) but not prolonged one (more than 3 weeks) and also what you need to treat the sharpest bronchitis in domiciliary you can read in the article below.

Is it necessary any antibiotics under the medical cure of bronchitis?

As far as in biggest cases the causative agents are viruses to apply the antibiotics aren’t needed or needed in complex therapy. But if during five days the temperature isn’t brought down and it is kept the powerful weakness destroyed conditions and it is also appeared the breathlessness, the expectoration becomes green and abundant and there are different reasons of bacterial infection it is necessary to use the antibiotics immediately. You need trust the choosing of necessary antibiotic to your physician. It mainly will be some medical preparations from the pharmacological group of macrolides (Biaxin, Erythromycin, Zithromax, Rulide and some others) or the world-wide substances penicillins (such as Amoxil, Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Ampicillin, and so on).   

Is it needed different antiviral medications under the treatment of bronchitis?

If you have a respiratory infection only and these preparations were prescribed earlier by your physician you can continue their applying. If your sickness lasts more than two days there isn’t any meaning of their application beginning. Effect doesn’t become.

Is it followed to use any anti-inflammatory medicaments under the illness of bronchitis?

acute-bronchitisThere are several chronic bronchitis symptoms including the acute cough, the highest temperature and so on. Panadol Extra, Motrin and other medications from the class of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ones can not only bring down the body’s temperature and organism’s intoxication by they generally diminish edema and bronchial tubes’ several spasms, improve the sputum discharge and others. But different side effects of these medicines are limited their indications. Today the safest preparations possessed by anti-inflammatory and some of them also have antiviral and antibacterial effects prescribed for cure of bronchitis such as preparations from the tetracyclines’ row (Vibramycin, Vancomycin, Tetracycline HCl, Minocycline, Minocin, Declomycin and several others) and also cephalosporin’s antibiotics for bronchitis (Suprax, Omnicef, Cephalexin, Ceftin, Cefadroxil, Cefaclor, Keflex, Ceclor, and so on).

What regime is patient needed to observe under bronchitis?

  • Under the highest temperature it is necessary the confinement to bed regime. But when the thermometer shows the norm some walking on free air become the medical remedies (it is understood not in 30-grade frost).
  • Every day it is necessary to ventilate the room and support enough level of humidity. You can also use such air moisturizers as wet towel on the batteries.
  • It is followed to remove all irritating factors (such as dust, tobacco smoke, sharp smells and so on). It is recommended the everyday humid tidying up in the flat with sick person. You cannot smoke under the bronchitis. It is the best way to stop smoking.
  • Abundant drinking (such as different teas including grassy ones (linden, mint, thyme) and Kof Tea, fruit drinks, juices, warm alkaline mineral water and others) can help not only in intoxication diminishing buy do the expectoration less viscous and facilitate its discharge. 

Do different inhalations help under the disease of acute bronchitis?

The vaporous inhalations under the sharp bronchitis are ineffective ones if they are applied in view of monotherapy. But breathing by volatile production (as essential oils of garlic, eucalyptus, camphor, pine, mint and rosemary) generally diminishes the cough of patient and facilitate his expectoration. You can apply the medicine for bronchitis cureas inhalator as aroma lamp.  

How to treat bronchitis and the cough under this illness?

In the first days when the bronchitis cough is very poignant, dry and harassing it is helped different anti-cough preparations. It can be as codeine-containing tablets as nonnarcotic medicines. In folk medicine for the chronic bronchitis treatment of dry cough it is successfully used the marshmallow, coltsfoot, Thermopsis and licorice or Glycyrrhiza. It is followed to stop the applying of anti-cough preparations as the sputum begins to move away (it is usually happened on the third or fourth day) and you need to begin employing some medicamental agents dacute-bronchitisiluted the sputum (mucolitics), improved its spitting (expectorants) and facilitated the advancement (mucokinetics). The first ones are acetilecysteine and carbocystein. The second type includes some preparations with reflex action such as marshmallow, plantain, thyme, ammoniac-aniseed drops and others. The mucokinetics mainly influence on some working of ciliated epithelium, covered the bronchial tubes’ walls and doing the expectoration less viscous. All these preparation are produced on the vegetable basis.     

Is it necessary the medicamental widening the bronchial tubes under the acutest bronchitis?

Unfortunately there are some situations under the sharpest bronchitis (especially by children) when it is quickly developed the syndrome of acute bronchial obstruction – bronchial spasms on the background of inflammation. It is manifested by breathlessness with exhalation difficulties and several attacks of poignant cough. In such case the physician can add to the main therapy the application of such bronchitis remediesas different bronchodilators. They are realized in form in inhalators and it is needed some specified skills for their applying. You need to remember that not treating sharp bronchitis in time can outgrow into several more powerful sicknesses of breathing passages as pneumonia, chronic obstructive disease of lungsand many others. Also this illness can overflow into some allergic diseases including bronchial asthma.

What can you do else to get out from bronchitis more quickly?

Besides the medicamental treatment of the acute viral bronchitis you can do the additional therapy in view of massage thoracic cage, breathing gymnastics; tasty and delicious food which is rich on different vitamins and also minerals; optimistic mood – and you feel yourself better more quickly.