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Zyban is the medicament against smoking without nicotine’s content. You may start using the preparation while you still smoke


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Zovirax covers to the viricide’s group. This virostatic product contains the reactant acyclovir. The preparation is intended for the treatment


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Zupar refers to analgesic - antipyretic class of combined structure. Adults take the remedy for average pain intensity, toothache, myalgia, lumbago, tenosynovitis, headache, feverish syndrome, articular syndrome, tonsillitis.


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Zestoretic relates to medicaments with antihypertensive action. Application of medication includes diabetic nephropathy, essential, renovascular acute cardiac infarction.


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Zebeta as beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent is widely assigned in cardiology practice. Indications for use are coronary cardiac disease, heart attack, hypertension, heart rhythm abnormalities.


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Zyloprim belongs to arthrifuges that inhibit a synthesis of the uric acid and salts in human's body. Remedy is applied to cure diseases that are


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Antibacterial drug Zyvox belongs to oxazolidinones class, intended for cure of infections invoked by Enterococcus spp, community


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Zyrtec refers to anti-allergic remedies. It is used under the seasonal and perennial allergic conjunctivitis and rhinitis


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Zanaflex covers to muscle relaxants class of central action. As antispasmodic remedy is used in painful muscle spasm and spastic muscle


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Zoloft belongs to powerful antidepressants and also nonspecific inhibitors of serotonin reuptake in neurons. Medication’s application is


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Zithromax refers to broad-spectrum antibiotic range. The main indications for use are infectious diseases caused by drug-sensitive