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Valtrex belongs to the class of antiviral preparations and the specific inhibitors of herpes viruses DNA polymerase. The remedy is applied for


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Viagra generic belongs to the medicines used to restore the normal reaction to the sexual stimulation and is assigned for various erectile dysfunction


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Verapamil is antianginal and antiarrhythmic remedy from group of slow CCB. This medicament is appointed for the treating of patients suffering from hypertension, angina, particularly stable angina and angina Prinzmetal.


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Vastarel covers to antianginal medications and normalizes energy metabolism of cells that are exposed to hypoxia or possibly ischemia, supports heart and also neurosensory organs energy metabolism.


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Vasotec is inhibitor, mainly assigned to cure congestive cardiac failure, decrease mortality after heart attack, some problems with kidneys caused by diabetes.


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Vermox refers to the broad- spectrum anthelmintic agents group. The drug is used for the cure of enterobiasis, teniasis mixed


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Vibramycin belongs to semi-synthetic tetracycline’s class and is used for therapy of pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, lobar pneumonia


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Vantin is a cephalosporin of the third generation with broad spectrum operation. It is employed under the medical cure of infections

Valium® (Brand)

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Valium® Brand(international name Diazepam) belongs to the high sedative preparations. It is applied under the neurosis, neurasthenia


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Vasaka covers to medicines with analgesic, expectorant, diuretic, antiasthmatic, as an antiseptic and insecticide. Indications are productive cough, bronchial asthma and bronchitis.


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Vancomycin refers to tricyclic glycopeptide antibiotics. Indications for cure are severe bacterial infections caused by the susceptible pathogens

Valium (Generic)

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Valium generic(international name Diazepam) belongs to the high sedative preparations. It is applied under the neurosis, neurasthenia


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Ventolin refers to range of bronchodilators. Patients apply the drug under relief and preventing of asthma attacks the therapy of bronchial obstruction not amenable to conventional bronchodilator therapy.