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Ambien Stilnox belongs to hypnotic medications from group imidazopyridine used in composition of many modern hypnotic preparations.


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Sumycin belongs to tetracycline antibiotic. The preparation takes the patients with some diseases of throat, bronchus and some venereal diseases


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Shigru is Ayurvedic remedy for illnesses of joints with pain and swelling and is assigned in the treating of arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism diabetes, body cleansing from heavy metals, and toxins, general immunity state.


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Skelaxin covers to the group of central muscle relaxants. The patients use these drugs for the cure of muscle spasms


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Serpina refers to preparations that lower blood pressure, decrease the adrenergic tone of heart and help to control anxiety, relieve strain the heart muscle.


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Suprax is a cephalosporinal antibiotic of the third generation for the parenteral taking. It is employed under the infectious


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Stromectol belongs to antihelmintic medications for the infection's treatment caused by the certain parasites. For strongyloidiasis the


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Sporanox covers to the antifungal medicine with action’s broad spectrum. It is taken under the vulvovaginal candidiasis, dermatomycosis


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Septilin is a combined medicament comprising the powders and plant’s extracts. The remedy is applied under the every infection especially


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Sumenta is a combination of anxiolytics, anti-stress and adaptogenic ingredients of plant origin. Statement is clinical anxiety mild and moderate, mixed anxiety-depressive states, premenstrual syndrome, infertility, abortion or miscarriage and during menopause.


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SleepWell is a natural sleeping means intended for people to have the good night sleeps, feel energetic and be fresh in the morning.


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Sterapred is a corticosteroid hormone used for strengthening the immune system and reduces symptoms such as edema, and allergic reactions. Medicament is applied to cure conditions as arthritis, blood disorders, respiratory problems, some cancers, eye problems, cutaneous diseases.


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Spiriva relates to bronchodilator’s group, applied in maintenance therapy in patients with COAD, maintenance treating of breathlessness due to COAD, preventing of exacerbations.


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Singulair covers to anti-asthma medications. Medicine prevents bronchospasm, sputum. Indications are bronchial asthma (prevention, long-term treatment), asthma exercise.


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Serevent is metered aerosol for inhalation shown for regular long treatment of individuals with reversible airway obstruction in asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis and also emphysema, prevention of symptoms at night caused reversible airways obstruction.


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Soma belongs to the medications of centrally acting muscle relaxant’s type. The remedy calls the cross-striated muscles’ relaxation, which


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Symbicort refers to combination preparations assigned for the treating in people of bronchial asthma, or COAD (chronic obstructive airway disease).


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Strattera (active ingredient Atomoxetine) covers to the centrally acting sympathomimetics group. The remedy is assigned for attention