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Regenon relates to means that have anorectic activity. Indication is mainly exogenous (nutritional) obesity; medicine can also be applied when adiposogenital dystrophy, hypothyroidism and other obesity forms.


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Rumalaya is combined medicament. Indications for applying include osteoarthritis, joints and spine, gout, rheumatic illness of periarticular soft tissues, neuralgia, neuritis, arthralgia.


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Robaxin relates to muscle relaxant range. Preparation is usually employed under cure of injuries of locomotor apparatus and painful muscle spasms.


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Rosulip-F is hypolipidemic agents and applied in treating of hypercholesterolemia or mixed hypercholesterolemia as an adjunct to diet when diet and other non-pharmacological treatments (exercise, weight reduction) is insufficient, family homozygous hypercholesterolemia.


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Ranolazine is a new anti-anginal medicine, reducing the frequency of angina attacks and also increases exercise tolerance.


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Rulide is a semisynthetical antibiotic of the macrolides’ group for the inward applying. It is used under the medical cure of the infectious


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Revia/Naltrexone belongs to competitive antagonist of opioid receptors. In connection with duration of action medication can be taken for the treating of addiction (drug addiction), opiate.

REM Again

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REM Again relates to herbal remedies designed for improving of the problems with sleep quality and duration.


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Rhinocort is glucocorticoid which is applied by people for bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, vasomotor rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, prevention of growth of nasal polyps after polypectomy (surgical removal of polyps).


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Relent belongs to antihistamine medicaments and is assigned for the treating of hay fever, conjunctivitis, dermatitis (skin inflammation), allergic rhinitis (runny nose), urticaria, angioedema (allergic edema).


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Remeron covers to the group of not heavy antidepressants. Remeron has the most powerful result under the medical cure of various