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Nexium (Esomeprazole) covers to the specific inhibitors of the proton pump. Indication for application is the therapy of erosive reflux-esophagitis


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Norplant-72 covers to emergency contraceptives to prevention of pregnancy after unprotected coitus or contraceptive failure. Preparation


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Nolvadex is an antitumoral antiestrogenic remedy. The preparation is applied for the treatment of breast cancer, mammary gland’s cancer


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Nizoral (active ingredient Ketoconazole) covers to the range of antimycotic agents. The drug’s purpose is therapy of the seborrheic dermatitis

Nimesulide Gel

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Nimesulide Gel as means NSAIDs is for local symptomatic treatment of joint syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, inflammation of ligaments, low back pain with radicular syndrome, sciatica, tendons, sciatica, bursitis, lumbago, muscle pain.


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Nervz-G is remedy applied to cure various diseases, including nerve pain conditions, peripherals, trigeminal neuralgia, and also diabetic neuropathy.


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Norvasc belongs to the calcium channel inhibitors class. Medication intended for the cure of hypertension, silent myocardial infarction


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Nebivolol covers to beta-blocker’s range. Application of this substance is ischemic heart disease, exertional angina, hypertension.


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Neggram is a remedy with antimicrobial action from the quinolones’ group. It is applied under the infectious- inflammatory processes


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Nasonex belongs to corticosteroids class. The drug inhibits the immediate allergic reaction's development. When tested preparation shows


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Noroxin covers to the fluoroquinolones’ class. It is applied under the different illnesses such as acute pharyngitis, chronic gastritis