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Female Viagra

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Female Viagra is developed especially for those female persons who want to improve the quality of her sexual life, to strengthen the


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Famvir refers to the antiviral agents and is efficacious in the prophylaxis and cure of infections, connected with Herpes simplex I and II types


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Feldene belongs to analgesics and also non-steroid anti-inflammation medications, weakens the average pain intensity, for articular syndrome weakens or suppresses (removes) inflammation and pain at rest and in motion, reduces morning stiffness of joints.

Fusidic Acid

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Fucidin (international nonproprietary name Fusidic Acid) belongs to the various group’s antibiotics for the applying inward. The remedy is


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Furazolidone covers to the antibacterial medical remedy of nitro furans’ group. The preparation is taken for the medical cure with organs’


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Flagyl belongs to the medicines with antiprotozoal and antibacterial operation for the local applying in gynecology. Flagyl is used under the


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Flovent is inhalation aerosol assigned for the maintenance therapy of asthma as prophylactic treatment and also for people who require the oral asthma corticosteroid therapy.


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Flonase is an antiallergenic remedy using in view of the aerosol or intranasal therapy. The medicine is taken under the unbearable itch


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Flexeril refers to the central muscle relaxants that have a direct impact on the departments of the central nervous system involved in regulation