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Clomid (Clomifene) refers to antiestrogens and is assigned for women with anovular infertility, dysfunctional metrorrhagia, amenorrhea


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Cafergot is combination preparation that helps to relieves migraine attacks and headaches of the vascular origin.


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Cialis Brand covers to the remedies of erectile dysfunction’s treatment. Cialis is the drug improving the potency and is applied by the men suffering


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Cozaar is the preparation that has a hypotensive effect. Heart failure (including when treating with ACE inhibitors is no longer suitable for the patient), hypertension are the basic indications for treating.


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Coversyl refers to combined antihypertensive and antianginal drugs and is usually prescribed for arterial hypertension or chronic heart attack.


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Coreg relates to antihypertensive agent’s range. It’s statement is hypertension, angina and also cardiac failure (chronic).


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Cordarone covers to antiarrhythmic group. Statement is relapse prevention of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia, supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia.


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Co-Diovan refers to combined preparations with hypotensive action. Preparation is prescribed for sick people with hypertension who do not achieve an adequate BP control with monotherapy.


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Clonidine relates to alpha-agonists which are taken for cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, primary open-angle glaucoma.


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Chologuardhills is an Ayurvedic preparation that reduces level of cholesterol, improves heart function, prevents problems with heart and also controls body weight.


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Cardura refers to preparations with antihypertensive action. This remedy is taken for people hypertension's treatment and appointed as first-line agent for patients to monitor blood pressure.


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Caduet is hypotensive and hypolipidemic drug that is taken for arterial hypertension treating with 3 or more risk factors for heart-vascular events with normal or mildly elevated cholesterol without clinically evident.


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Colchicine covers to the group of antipodagric drugs. The preparation is used in the cure of gouty arthritis, chondrocalcinosis


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Clofazimine is an anti-leprotic preparation. It is applied under the leprosy and for the treatment of leprous reactions (for example

Clindamycin gel

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Clindamycin gel refers to the drugs from the group of antibiotics - lincosamides. Gel is applied for external use to treat acne.


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Cleocin refers to antibiotics of lincosamides group and is intended to cure bacterial infections as ENT infections, bronchitis, lung abscess


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Chloroquine belongs to the broncholytic, antimalarial and amebicidic preparations. It is applied under the individual preventive


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Chloramphenicol is a preparation of keratolytic and antimicrobial action for the applying inward. The preparation is taken inside under the


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Cephalexin covers to the semisynthetical antibiotics of the cephalosporinical row. It is applied under the disorders of respiratory


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Ceftin is a cephalosporin antibiotic of the second generation for the peroral and parenteral applying. It has wide spectrum antibacterial


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Cefotaxime covers to the semisynthetical antibiotics of the cephalosporin’s group from 3 generation. The drug is applying


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Cefadroxil belongs to the cephalosporin antibiotics. The preparation is taken under the infectious-inflammatory diseases


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Cefaclor refers to II generation cephalosporin antibiotics, has a bactericidal activity. Medicament is assigned to cure the bacterial


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Combivent relates to combined bronchodilators which are usually assigned for bronchospastic syndrome treatment including in humans with COPD, asthma, during surgery.


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Claritin is tricyclic selective blocker of peripheral H1-histamine receptors with symptomatic treating of chronic idiopathic urticaria, allergic rhinitis.


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Clarinex belongs to the anti-allergic preparations of immediate type. The patient takes Clarinex in the event of appearance the organism’s allergic


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Celexa is a medicine which has an ant depressed pharmacological operation so it is a powerful antidepressant. It is used under the depressions of various


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Cialis belongs to the medical preparations which are applied under the damages of sexual function by the male persons. Other words it is a preparation


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Celexa covers to the category of powerful antidepressant. All kinds of depressions, phobias and morbid fears are treated with Celexa


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Cipro belongs to antimicrobial drugs of fluoroquinolones group. Remedy is assigned for cure of infection-inflammatory diseases as respiratory