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Allergies has a set of symptoms (swelling, runny nose, itching, others) caused by abnormally high sensitiveness of immune system, previously sensitized by allergen. The reasons for appearance are the wool of several animals, foods, chemicals, drugs, dust, insect stings, farina. Sometimes allergic reactions appear so slowly that you will not know that suffer from it. But in reality allergies is dangerous and even threat to life. You have the opportunity to buy allergy pills online in our pharmacy and with no prescription. In people there can be an anaphylactic shock which can occur because of skin contact with allergen, such as latex. Food allergies appear when the body mistakenly takes a product as a threating health and the immune system for self-defense forces to produce antibodies. If the dosage of allergen is repeated, immune system already knows this substance and will immediately react producing the antibodies again. Exactly these substances cause allergic symptoms. In some cases allergy in adults are observed in childhood.

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Allergy: What You Need To Know


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